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Goodbye Cankles

Ok I finally have decided to keep a diary, it may not be an exciting one but will hopefully help get me through the next 20 weeks :D
Just in case anyone else decides to read this, hi i'm Sarah, I have big cankles that have got to go!! I have so far completed 6 weeks on the diet and have lost 30lbs :D my goal is to be 9st so still have another 66lbs to go :cry:
I am lucky enough to be doing this alongside my very good friend Megan, who without I would not have made it this far, so a big thank you to you Megz.

Well its 20 weeks till we fly off on honeymoon, after getting married at 7mths pregnant and wearing a size 22 dress, I will be slim for this!! I have worked out if I lose 3.2lbs a week I can do it, so fingers crossed my losses go back to 4lb a week and I have time to spare. I didn't come off for xmas but did add a little meal in on 2 days so expected it to be a bit less this week.

So today has been fab, lots of sales shopping, including a size 14 skirt that actually zips up! All water has been drunk already, leaving time for a coke zero :D now to get my babies in bed so I can have some me time.
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Thanks Shanny :)

Well this morning my scales said 189.4 so that's -0.8lb since yesterday :) and I'm wearing a pair of size 16 jeans I couldn't quite get away with 2 weeks ago!! Feeling good today, slight rumbles in the tummy but for once it's a good thing!
So far today I've had a peanut bar for breakfast whilst rushing around getting Rhys ready for a day out with his uncle and am now enjoying a fag and hot choc in the garden whilst Gabs is having cuddles with daddy. One more pack to go but still 2 litres to drink :(
189.4 again this morning, nothing has been eaten or drunk yet, must get drinking that water! I think the plan for today is a hot choc, peanut bar and a mint choc mousse. Hubby is back to work today so just me and the babies, finally some peace!!
Well done on your weight loss to far and good luck with the next 6weeks. Just wondering could anyone run me through the CD diet. Iv never heared of it before. :confused:

Thank you in advance & again well done.
Hi Debbie thank you, cd is a meal replacement diet where depending on your height you will have 3 or 4 packs a day to follow sole source. I believe if you are under 5ft 8 it's 3 and above is 4. There are other plans which allow a bit of food but I try to follow ss and have my 3 packs (with my bit of chicken it may be ss+). I see my CDC once a week to get weighed and collect my next lot of packs, weekly it's about £40 for the bits I have.xx
If you look on the official cambridge website they will have a list of cdc's in your area. Each CDC charges different amounts but I believe £40 is about average for 21 products.xx
Thanks Shanny, I have to confess I'm a twice daily weigher... It's an addiction I can't break lol!

Well my peaceful day didn't last too long, my mum phoned asking me to bring the kids to see her. I then spent 2 hrs on the motorway due to an accident on the opposite side :(
Ended up out for dinner as a special treat, I had chicken and bacon salad with no dressing, so hopefully it hasn't done to much damage if any!!
Home now, have eaten all my packs and drunk all my water and finally relaxing with a coke zero :)

Hiya Shanny, my goal weight is 8st 12lb which is my ideal weight according to the wii fit. Not sure what I'll look like, my lowest adult weight I can remember is 11st 2lb and I was a 12/14 then.

Weight this morning was 188.8 so I'm now under 13 and a half stone :)) that definately deserves a peanut bar in celebration!! The last time I weighed this was at least 2 years ago, I fell pregnant with my son weighing 14st 1lb gained loads, lost 1st and fell pregnant with my daughter at 16st 1lb. Gabi is now 3 mths and Rhys 22 mths so it's nice to finally get back to a more normal weight and not be a waddling beast!!

No major plans for today, housework and playing with the new toys :)

Thanks Shanny I did :) lol

Well 4 litres drunk, 3 packs eaten and some chicken but... I am so hungry today and could eat anything in sight :( I haven't but it's been a testing day!! Off to sleep now and hoping to wake up feeling fab (and 5 stone lighter if wishes are coming true!!).

Always do hun, you've taught me well :)

Well I've just signed up for the 7 day bootcamp... Uh oh!! No coke zero and no cheeky chicken, an extra litre of water and an hour of exercise!! Why did I do that?!!

Today has been ok, still feeling hungry but have had my 3 packs, chicken and nearly my 3 litres. Will be celebrating later with a can or 2 of coke zero!

Happy new year everyone, have a great evening.xx
Day 1 of bootcamp... Weighed in at 187.6 on my home scales this morning, then went back to bed and weighed when I woke up and was 187.2 :) my lovely husband took the children to see his parents so I got a rather long lay in!

So far I've had my bar and about half a litre... Oops, will get drinking and then on the wii fit later for my exercise.

135 sleeps till my honeymoon, I need to sleep more weight off!!
Well i'm feeling brave, i have decided to quit smoking :) I am determined to do this, if i can give up food i can give up fags!! I have asked my hubby to do it with me (and Megz who is doing cd too) so hopefully doing it with someone else will make it easier, just hope i still have a hubby and best mate at the end of it!!

Well today i have struggled drinking my water, nearly finished my 3rd litre and still 1 more to go :( I have had all 3 packs, a peanut bar, hot choc and a mousse. I haven't really missed the chicken today so that is a good sign. As for the exercise... if shopping and running after the kids counts i've done very well :) if not then um not so well!! Will be off out for a walk tomorrow so will try and make up for it, 1st day of bootcamp not quite to plan but then i did sleep until silly o'clock!!

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