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Goodbye everyone and Thankyou!!!


Getting married in July!!
Hi everyone!!

After 14 weeks of tfr and a loss of 3stone 13lbs i am starting refeed and maintenance.

I am so glad that i have done this and really appreciate all the help and support ive gotton on here. Thank you everyone for getting me through the hard times and making me smile at the good times!!

For all those near the start of their journey trust me it does get a million times easier and its soooo worth it. It will change your life and make you feel so proud and happy!! I never thought when i started that id stick it this long; so if i can do it, you can too!!!!xx

Thankyou again!! Ill mostly be in the refeed and maintenance sections now but ill still b around and ill pop in from time to time cos this is a brill forum.

Best of luck to each and everyone of you!! Xx
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awww im sure you will pop in and good luck with refeed that was my downfall last time i didn't do it thought i knew everything ( i didn't ) here i am again

and well done for your great weight loss

debz x
Well dun and good luck.



Getting married in July!!
Thankyou debs, mary and lydia!!! Yeah i will of course be in and out of here and ill always be around if anyways wants to message me with questions r anything.

Its both exciting and scarey doing refeed. Ive done day one of refeed for two days but today ive to move on to day two. (as my friend is getting married next week so i have to get refeed before then). If it wasnt for the wedding id be happy staying on day one of refeed for a long time. Day two is a little scarey as its a lot more food.

Ive gotten very little refeed direction from my pharmacy so im really hoping i dont mess up in any way. I have my refeed sheet and im sticking to that cos i really dont want to put any weight back on. The help on here is invaluable.

Best of luck with your journeys, be it your first or second time!! It really is life changing. I just hope i can get through refeed and maintenance sucessfully cos ive heard so many stories like yours debz. Heres hoping we both have a sucessfull refeed when the time comes. Xxx
Well done for all those weeks. Great weightloss :553:

Good luck on refeed
Good luck with refeed and maintenance different.. You have done amazing... Keep it up and please pop back and let us know how you get on.. I might stalk you in the other sections anyway!! lol x x
See you in refeed x


Getting married in July!!
Thanks su and good look neverusedtobefat- its tough at d start but its a breeze after week three. U'll b so glad u did it!!

See u in refeed sandra!! Actually ur a bit ahead of me so u might b able to help me with some of d querys i have over there. You'll c my plead for help. Xx


Getting married in July!!
Thanks daisy!! Thankyou for all your great help, support and advice along the way!!! You've helped no end. Im sure it wont be too long before we meet again in the maintenance section!! Xx


addicted to minimins!!
best of luck and great job on your loss girlie :) dont be a stranger :) x
what an achievement hun, i hope refeed goes well for you. xxx
Well done you. A huge achievement you should be so proud of yourself. Good luck with your refers and maintenance. Hope to see you there in few months. x x x x


Getting married in July!!
Thank u very much big kevin, little me , pudge and glitterbug!!!

It feels very strange indeed to be eating again!!! I've been refeeding for 5 days now. I did day one for two days so today was my first day on the day 4-7 menu which is basically full eating again but in a restricted way.

Some of the portions seem huge so im a bit dubious about eating them. Like 8oz of potato is a lot but im a stickler for rules so im sticking 100% to what the sheet says. After doing 7 days of it ill get weighed in and i hope to god i wont have weight on although its hard to c how i wont.

After the week i plan to have one or two maintenance products a day and a healthy meal. Im not going to allow myself any junk food untill christmas so hopefully by then ill have established a good reuteen with food and will keep treats as treats.

So far so good. Im not hungry and im not craving bad food. I had more cravings on tfr infact than i do now!! Lol.

How is everyone getting on? Anyone else got refeed plans? Xx

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