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Goodbye jiggly bits!

Hi folks!
So glad minis is back, it's been the best support network I've had on my weightloss journey and definitely helped me gain my best success in Slimming World.

I came back from a year in Florida in February this year and quickly lost a stone but after that I have went down a few pounds then back up.
I've been going out at weekends quite a lot and I think that's probably a lot to do with my plateau. In fairness I would be happy maintaining until the Christmas season is over.
I weighed this morning and am 10st 7lbs. I need to lose at least a stone.

I do a mix of EE and green days, whilst also keeping an eye on my calorie intake. Fingers crossed

I plan to weigh on either a Friday or Saturday each week, as that gives me some wiggle room with wine at the weekend.
My heaviest

My lightest

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Today's food diary-Monday 7th December- EE.

70g wholewheat pasta, 100g sweetcorn, 120g tuna, 3 tbsp of extra light mayonnaise (3 syns) and 1 slice of low low cheese (1/2 HexA)

Spaghetti hoops (400g), nimble toast (HeXb)

851 calories total.
Good calorie wise, pathetic super free/speed wise. I think that's where I struggle recently.
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Good to see you Jen and goof luck with SW:)


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Jen you look amazing!

Wonderful result.

Congratulations and well done!
Thanks guys! A long way to go to get back to where I was but I can do it.
In saying that I am in a foul mood this morning (haven't had a single seconds sleep, and even though I'm off today I just can't get over even though I'm shattered). Not letting it deter me though

Brunch (gonna nap if I can)
Egg mayo sandwich- HeXb of toast, 2 eggs, 1 syn of extra light Mayo and half a small red onion

Pasta bake- HexA cheese, 3 slices of crumbed ham, peas, sweetcorn, 70g pasta and 7 syns of Campbell's low fat condensed mushroom soup.

2 X Hifi bars- 6 syns
Taking today's syns to 14 and the calorie count to 1050.
I know the point of doing slimming world is not to weigh food or calorie count but I think it allows me to feel more in control.

The syns are higher than I like but it's still within the limit and My calorie intake is good.
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Thanks Pippa, still a long way to go to get back to my lightest...it's 2 stone lighter than I am now but I'm not sure it's maintainable. Right now I would be happy to get to 9st 7lbs

. image.jpeg this evenings pasta bake
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Feeling really motivated at the moment, not sure if it's because Minis is back and I have somewhere to be accountable.

Wed 9th December

SW hifi bar (3 syns)

Pineapple and muller light

KFC chicken SW style (HExB) with mushroom, onion and peppers.
2 syns for mayo

First time ever trying to make this and I'm super pleased with it! It was yum!!!

889 calories
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Have really enjoyed my food today but feel it's too much (I guess this is the negative with tracking calories too).

toast, 1 syn of ketchup and an egg.

6 syns
of toast, egg, 1 syn of mayonnaise and onion.
1 choc biscuit (4syns)
Chicken Parmesan (HExA of cheese), mushrooms, onions, pasta and chicken

. upload_2015-12-10_17-8-7.png

Calories 1240
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Your food looks yummy Jen.
Friday woohoo!

Green Day

Toast (6 syns), egg and 1 syn of ketchup

of toast, 1/2 HExA1 of cheese.

Tuna (HExB2) pasta with sweetcorn,mayo (4syns)and cheese (HExA2)
Biscuit (4 syns)

Total: 15 syns

1031 calories
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Saturay went well, on Sunday it went tits up! Went out for dinner, had way too much wine, ended up eating a chinese last night and I'm still not back on it. Aiming to calorie count today as some form of control.
Had pizza for lunch (will probably count as my dinner too for 800 cals). If I eat anything else today it will be pineapple!
Definitely back on it tomorrow as I'm back at work and won't be on the drink again til Christmas day so gonna be on my best behaviour.
Well, I haven't died. I'm still here. I have been no angel but I'm not disappointed in myself. My scales showed 10st 6 this morning so I'm technically a pound down from the week before Christmas.I'm out tomorrow night and NYE so I'm not gonna be restricting the wine flow but I am trying to make sensible choices with my food.

I really, REALLY, wanted a chippy today, instead I went to Iceland and bought SW ready meals. I had the pasta and meatballs and was REALLY pleased. I feel the ready meals could become a staple in my diet as they're so quick and to be honest part of my problem is being too lazy to cook after work.

I hope anyone who is reading this had a lovely Christmas and a super New Year!


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Well done Jenna on being a pound down...I wish I could say the same:(

Keep up the good work!

Happy New Year 2016:D
Thanks Mary!
Well today is the day, 100% back on plan. Too scared to look at the scales after NYE (cider and alcopops oops) and my NY day dinner but I'm feeling determined!

Pasta bake -7 syns for the soup used.

Considering some more pasta bake for dinner later on this evening but we shall see. I'll update when I decide.

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