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Google slimming world

Minimins comes up on Google in all sorts of searches because of the sheer size of the site. Thats why there are areas which are 'members only' which dont come up on searches. You need to remember that once things are on the internet theyre pretty much 'public property' and can be found

Google is how most people find the site in the first place :)


My belly this will be!
I didn't realise that included photos tho of members. Just making sure that those who also may not know, can have a look and remove them from their posts if they want to.:)
People should be more aware of what information is available about them from what they tell people on forum sites. Someone here made a remark which got me thinking - I then did a little bit of searching through their posts and found out the following about this person: name, home town, job, hobbies, holiday dates and destination, and a great deal more, including a photo.

And that was without any effort or expenditure at all, just using posts made to this one forum.

We keep putting great chunks of our private lives out there, without a thought for the consequences.
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Oh dear, from some messages I have recieved, I seem to have worried a few people by my posting here last night, and I didn't really mean to do that.

When someone here, quite a few weeks ago, made a remark, I had a look at his or her posts and made a list of some of the personal information they had mentioned. I found that the accumulated information would be enough for them to be identified if someone wanted to do so. I didn't do this - I am not spying on anyone, or snooping - and I actually don't remember now what all the information was. I was just interested to see what was out there.

If I mentioned in one thread that I do my shopping in Sainsbury's on Thursdays, in another that I work in a bank, in a thread about hair colour I mention that I am blonde, and the information on my postings gives my height and weight and place of residence, and maybe I posted a picture of myself in one of the threads, then if you wanted to track me down it wouldn't be that hard. (Don't bother, none of the above is right!:))

I am not saying that anyone would want to do this, just that it is possible. Maybe I watch too much television and read too many thrillers!!!
I think you have raised a valid point though Avisk - i shall definately be more careful about what I do/dont post on forums.....lets not make it easy for identity fraudsters out there!!!!

This is a fairly interesting post. As said above anything you post on the internet is public information. I don't care how private you set it. The answer is don't post embarrassing/rude photos, don't post bank details or passwords and most definitely don't post stuff about your work place, my friend recently got the sack for it and job opportunities are slim just now.
These fraudsters can try all they like with me, being constantly skint and in debt means they won't get very far! Ha ha!

Seriously though, it's not just MM's, it's everything you go on (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc) You just need to be careful what you put. I never give out phone numbers on these sites, never say when I'm not at home and keep all photos private. Maybe I should go and remove my kids photos from this site though.
I'm careful with photos, workplace, holidays etc. I try not to say toooo much with regards to personal info but it's hard sometimes.
I'll try a bit harder though I think.
It is a bit scary what can be done with information these days. I have just an email informing me that it is a girls birthday in three days who I know. I went to college with her and haven't seen nor spoken with her for at least 15 years. I have absolutely no idea where it came from or how it was routed to me.. Bizarre and more than a bit unnerving.

Be careful what you put on facebook, a girl I know went sick and missed a very expensive training course that day which cost in excess of £2k for her to attend which the company paid for. You cant help it if you are sick. However she stupidly posted on Facebook that she was out the night before and was hungover, the sickness was caused by drinking too much. Somebody in the company saw it and boy .. you can imagine what happened next.
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The things people put on Facebook amaze me!! I know a young person (I won't be more specific) who regularly puts on information about their activities which are borderline illegal. They have so many "friends" that they can't possibly keep control over who knows what. It's crazy.
elliebear your pink cake is on there and so are other member photos from avatars and if you click on the photo it takes you straight to that persons post. grr:mad:
well nobody needs to know who i am from me being a pink cake lol!!! i think my pics are set to Friends only on here!!!

I am happy enough that i dont overshare private info on here to a great extent - just SW related ramblings!!!! hehe!



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This is why we ask people not to start those information threads asking what your favourite colour is... We also have threads up about giving out private information.

There is no secret that this site can be found by google. Most of you possibly found this forum by using google. And its noted on the TOS when you sign up.

We have done certain things to give members privacy, such as requiring 50 posts to view profiles (which includes google, who doesn't have any posts), and within your profile you can have albums which are private, not only that you can choose to only share those photos with people you elect as friends.

We also have the private members only section, that requires either 50 posts or 1,500 posts(Gold members). Then theres also the flirt zone which is kept private completely until you register.

That is a bit disconcerting.

My little breast cancer is supposed to be a secure site. Just off to ee if it is !!

I dislike Facebook so do not participate.

Mind you my life is an open book in any case .
Working for the company I do, you're recommended to lock down your Facebook profile as much as possible.

We forever have people just trying to add us due to the nature of the company that we work for!

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