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Got a cold

Well, I have a full blown cold which is really bringing me down, wondered if anyone knew any good remedies. I asked the pharmacist's assistant (who I know isn't really knowledgable about LT) what i could take and he said anything! i was a bit surprised about this! Can i add honey to tea? i'm just drinking peppermint tea, but its not really doing me any good, so just wondered if anyone has any helpful hints? thanks
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oh whatever you do, dont use honey..that is the highest carbs ever!!!!!!! believe it or not.

have you tried getting some albas oil.....I use this a lot. You can pour a few drops in a bath and it helps your congestion.

I also rub it on my chest! And you can put it in some hot water and breathe it...

Paracetamol you can use, but not too sure about anything else..why dont you do a search on here and see if anyone has asked the question before. Maybe they have asked their pharmacist and been told what they can take, but my understanding is that any tablet that is not coated...

Hope you feel better soon.

xx Cathy xx

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Tescos have their own brand of paracetamol extra power something with caffeine in them. I had swine flu in october and they worked fantastic and better yet they're only 45p a pack! Hope you're feeling better soon hun x


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most meds have sugar, will knock u out on ur diet...............go bk to the chemist tomorrow if u can and ask for meds by (Robitussin) sugar free , last time i was on LT i had cold and chesty cough so my chemist gave me that. and i was fine on diet , so was my sister when she did LT , worth a try :)
great thanks you all, also thanks to scotsmist for pointing out honey is a very high carb food, i didn't know it was so harmful. Thanks Sheep for the advice, i will go back to pharmacist tomorrow.
no honey no no no....i had a cold in my first week and i took sudafed which was fine. you cant have beechams or lempsips though as they have sugar etc in them. so go back to basics, sudafed, vicks, olbus oil..and let your immune system try to kill it itself..x
Thanks you all! You'll be pleased to know my cold is almost gone. I used Olbas Oil and that was it, it just went on its own. My body was seriously craving food, hot and sweet food while i was ill, but i didn't give in, i'm quite proud of that! but all back to normal now. thanks for all your advice, it was much appreciated.

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