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Got a hen night that is a sit down meal!


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Try not to worry about it to much..
I would say if its a good friend you should definatley go just take a shake or a bar with you..
I do go out quite a bit for dinner and lunch with my family and friends as I dont want to stop doing things and I just take something with me.... and feel good that I can still do that...

I am just doing shakes but if you are doing it where you are eating in the evening just order something small if they do chicken or fish just have the amount that you are supposed to..

Hope thats helps.


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Maybe just whisper in her ear that you're on CD, I mean you're going to go to show your appreciation for your mate right? :) Who cares if you eat or don't... When I was on abstinence LighterLife, there were a few functions that I took a shake and a bar to! People do accept it quite quickly and usually it's a nice ice breaker.
If you're worried about being around food, don't be scared to look at it, make sure you tell yourself "I CHOOSE not to have this" rather than "I CAN'T have this"... It's all about the rebellious child in you... ;) If you feel like you had a choice that little voice will be much, much quieter.


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Going out with you friends should be about the fun and not the food, its early days on you journey as minerva has said "I choose not to have this" i love to look at food and smell it but there is no way at this point i would eat it stay strong you will feel so much better if you dont eat the meal, good luck

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The choice thing is a big part of daily life on a diet like LL or CD I think :)
I have 2 girls of my own and one we foster... daily our foster child tries to 'tempt me' in something they are eating. I remind myself and them it's my CHOICE not to eat it, and my eldest now says it before I get the chance! lol

Hope you enjoy the evening :)
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Don't know what to say about that especially since you've not long started the diet. I have a hen night ( i'm going to be a bridesmaid at the wedding) coming up at the start of may. I've known about it since i've started the diet and knew I was going to go and was going to drink so have decided to take 2 days off for it so I can eat and drink. It's keeping me going in a way since I have in my head 5 weeks before a little break.

Don't want to sound hypocritical and tell you to stay on the diet when i'm not going to! If you want to drink at the hen night then you have to eat because it's dangerous to drink on ss. If you're not going to drink but want to have something at the meal try to stick to ss+ friendly meals eg chicken and veg.


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I had a chat with her today and she understands but also i have had a thought about it and i think i will stick to protien rich foods that night as i dont want to be miserable which i propbably will be. I want to have a good night and drink especially as my pregnant mate is being my chauffer!!! :)


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If you want to eat then eat? You make the choices in your life, you just have to balance out what is more important to you? But once your off the diet it is unbelieably harder to get back on.

I would say, I can see you have your own wedding to worry about so think abouthow you will look on our own wedding day? Maybe that will keep you going without food. Maybe you can play chauffer also with your pregnant friend?

But at the end of the day only you can decide :) Its your journey xx


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Your pregnant friend is going to feel a bit left out as well so why dont you support her and stick together.Think about it could solve your dilemma and keep you on the straight and narrow.

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