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Got a little problem with my CDC

I have lost a lot of weight with three CDC's through moving house.

Am having a problem with my current CDC. She has been a CDC for about 8 months or so and she is very very good.

However she is obviously having money problems. I place my order over six days before I need to visit her. She never has the goods, or she phones and says that if I can wait another 3/4/6 days she will have what I have ordered. She has had problems paying for her Cambridge orders (she told me that herself).
I do feel sorry for her but this is driving me mad. It is every order I place. She asks if I can have shakes instead of tetras or bars.

I don't want to officially complain about her but what can I do about this?

Have had to now order more than two weeks supply to have as 'spares' just so that I have it in case she keeps on doing this.
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if i was u i would have a word with her about it and tell her how u feel and if u still dont get any joy maybe changing cdc would be the best answer. ashley xxx

I go on holiday in about 5 weeks time and need to take tetras and bars with me and I am worried that she is going to muck my diet up altogether by not having my order. I ordered these three weeks ago to make sure that she had them for me.

I object to having to pay £100 in advance just because she cannot keep her books in order
TBH this doesnt sound like a very good consellor to me, i would definitely talk to her about it, she should not be trying to get you to have any different packs etc than the ones you want. I personally would look at changing to someone else who can provide exactly what you need
It can sometimes be difficult for a CDC to keep all the flavours in stock, we have so many now. I suppose her problem could be that she only has a few clients.

In the first 6 months counsellors can buy starter packs in order to give them all the flavours. After that you can only order a box of 21 of one flavour they cannot be mixed.

What I do for my counsellors is swaps so if for instance they bought a box of strawberry, banana, chocolate and vanilla. They could keep 7 from each box and swap the others with me for the other flavours. That way it roughly works out they have 7 of everything they need.

If they run out again they can come and swap for what they need.

Might be worth asking if your CDC can do swaps with her sponsor to help her through this patch and to ensure you have all the flavours you want.

Otherwise the only way I suppose is to find another CDC.

Hope this resolves itself.