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Got a wedding reception in a couple of hours... eeek!!


Slimming down the aisle
I don't know how I'm going to cope! I don't know what food there'll be, but I have to eat there. I'm hoping there'll be salad etc. If there's no plain chicken or something like that, I'll just have salad. Otherwise, I don't know! Just try and not eat anything and sort something when I get home I guess! I reckon it'll be a buffet type thing, which means it'd be really easy to pick. I'm just hoping that I can resist it all! And the alcohol, someone suggested vodka, as I'm not in ketosis being on 1000, but should I just stay away from it all?
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Hi Caroline, try and stick to low carb food as you probably sound like you know to do anyway. There's bound to be a platter of cold meats like ham etc there and salad. If you going to have alcohol set yourself a limit before you go to maybe 1 or 2 as I know what I am like when I have had a drink, my willpower goes out the window and in kicks the munchies. Good luck and enjoy yourself. Zoe xx
I would stick to sparkling water. Would be better as you are eating too. Good luck. Try and dance a lot! Not only will you have a good time but keep you from drinking!
Hey Caroline - Essentially onyl you know how you feel and what you can cope with. Theres definitely 2 schools of thought on this one and all I can say is it depends on you and how you cope with things.

1st school of thought is avoid the buffet table like the plague and concentrate on dancing and chatting and if anyone asks just say I have eaten already
2nd school of thought if you arent in ketosis then you could have a bit and do your 'restart' tomorrow adn if its a planned eat then you can control it more e.g. chicken and salad rather than having a reactive binge to something.

It depends on where your head is at right now. If you think that your head can cope with having something and you will definitely get back on track tomorrow then have something. But if your heads not in the right place and eating tonight sets off coming off plan completely say for a few days or even a week then I wouldnt go anywhere near it.

If it makes you feel any better you wont be the only one at a function. Im at a 60th party tonight and ther will be a buffet. Im getting over the drinking thing by driving and then I will have my hot choc with 500mls water in it so I will be so full I actually wont want anything which can only be a good thing.

Thats my intention anyway!!!!!will report back in the morning. I have another thing to keep me going aswell but am going to post that on another thread in a mo............



Slimming down the aisle
I have another thing to keep me going aswell but am going to post that on another thread in a mo...........
I'm intrigued! And could guess what this could be, but I won't, as it could be many things!!! Ooooh the anticipation!

I'm on the 1000 plan, so I'm basically going to look at what's there and try and make a dinner I would have anyway, and take a bar so I avoid puddings! If it all looks too bad I'm going to just stay away completely and eat when I get home!
Hope you both have a good time Caroline and Jess! I have turned down a night out. It wasn't anything special like your nights so I would rather wait. Besides, I would rather spend my money on my diet for now.

Enjoy yourselves and let us know tomorrow how you got on!
Have fun whatever you decide to do. With doing 1000 you have a little more flexibility, which is good.
If you do have food and/or drink then it's just a challenge for what you have to do long term, in terms of making the right choices.

You are doing so well and are so motivated on here, that I am sure whatever you decide will be the right thing!
Hi love, you're lucky to be on 1000 cals as it does give you a little bit of leeway.....look out for the salad and cold meats like zoe and jess said.....alcohol wise.....I wouldn't tbh, lots of sparkling water with loads and loads of ice. have a great time!

Jess, which other thread love?



Slimming down the aisle
I've decided to just stay away from alcohol. I'm allowed zero calorie drinks so I'll just go for diet coke! It'll be cheaper too :) Food wise I'm going to see what happens. I'll have salad, chicken etc if I can. If not, I'll wait and eat when I get home.


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HIya Caroline - Have a Lovely evening! :)

I had this playing on my mind for a party last week, and when I got there, found that I could enjoy a little smug self satisfaction of sneakily not having anything without anyone noticing :) Worked a treat :)

Wish I was out tonight - stuck in doors with some work whilst OH has gone out to enjoy himself and get out of my hair! :D

Have a lovely time - enjoy the company, the people, the compliments on how fab you're looking!! and relax on the food front.. you either have some or you dont.. you'll wake up tomorrow and it'll be a whole new day :)



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Hey Caroline,
Just wanted to say have a great time tonight... and go for the healthy option!! I am sure there will be one. You will feel great tomorrow knowing that you went the healthy way.
i have a wedding next saturday, I didnt even think of the food.. lol hmm I wonder what they will have there!
anyway have a great time x


Slimming down the aisle
Well it didn't quite go according to plan :( But it could have been worse too! I had, if I remember correctly, 2 little chicken wing things, 2 1/4 sandwich with tuna, wholemeal bread, a tuna volauvent thing, a small slice of pizza. Think that was about it. So not loads, but not particularly diet stuff either! I went up and there was no salad, no plan chicken or meat at all and so went back to our table. My parents said we were going to be there til about midnight and I got pretty hungry so I went and got that stuff. I stayed well away from the bread sticks, crisps, cheese etc. And from the puddings and cake! And stayed away from alcohol too. So while it wasn't really the best stuff, it was probably the best I could have had, though should have just eaten before hand. I think next time I go to something I'll just eat before hand and then I don't need to eat there. Just shows you can't assume there'll be salad at everything! Only lost about 1lb this week, but after this and 2 meals out as well as totm I guess I can't really complain!


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You did well! you're right, could 've been worse and you didn't let it give you the excuse to have a blow out. I've got a wedding reception next Sat, we'll probably go out for tea beforehand but we're staying in a B&B after so I might have something at breakfast time, not sure yet.

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