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Got CDC meeting at 7pm!

I've been using up old packs from when i was on it last year, and have got my first meeting with my new CDC. Have this horrible feeling that my scales have been lying to me or something lol... can't wait to get some more variety though, for some reason just had 15 choc mints left lol.. they get a bit boring after a while.
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Good luck with your meeting. Just remember if you weigh more at your meeting its because of clothes and being at night, where at home if you're like me you're practically naked and weigh first thing.
I'm hoping that there is no way going to be an 8lbs difference.. because if there is i may have to get a Dr's signiture etc, and that means delaying things :(
I wouldn't worry about it too much, I thought everyone needs a doctors signature? My CDC sold me my packs and sent of my sheet to the doctors the same night so didn't wait for the signature to get me started. You might be the same. Hope it goes well for you.
the dr's is only required if you have any medication or bmi over 41 (which mine nearly is, hense the worry about 8lbs in weight).. i had no problem with the form last time, but have a new dr's now, and they arent very supportive on the whole Cambridge Diet thing
not too badly thanks :)
only 2lbs more on the CDC's scales, so panic over!
The porridge with apple is yummy! :) also got some mix-a-mouse to try.. how's things going with you?
Thats good, glad you got to start straight away - once you've made your mind up you just want to get on with it! Im getting on fine at the moment but I know that i'll need to carry on for another 3 months so I might get fed up. Think it's still a bit of a novelty after 2 weeks and it definately helps seeing the change on the scales every week!
i did it for 12 weeks last year and lost 3 stone.. it actually gets easier believe it or not.. i lost all interest in food completely..i stupidly stopped because i wanted to go out for my 21st, and just never went back... got no excuses this time though.
Well you sound determined and you know you can do it since you have before so good luck with it! Oh and just noticed your post about family meal, I had the same issue at the weekend. We had roast chicken, and brocolli and potatoes and I loaded my plate with brocolli and a couple of slices of chicken. I hardly touched the chicken and ate brocolli and nobody noticed, they don't watch you as much as you expect them to!

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