:) My lipotrim supply was in the surgery today. So I am now back with you all. First day nearly over, might be having an early night ! Got a couple of good books to help me through the first days. I'm working each day this week but as I work in a shop that sells,dried fruit, nuts,confectionary and all things that are guaranteed to put on lbs and lbs, that won't help. But I'm not scared ! Been there before and I'm still here.;)
Anne-Marie, good luck. I have also started today, and Roch has as well. I wouldn't be able to cope working in a place like you do. You must have tremendous willpower.
Best wishes,
Pam xx
About time too :rolleyes:

I bet you are relieved to be making a start aren't you?
Ohhhhh, thanks once again for your support, I wont say it's easy Pam but it is so, so, worth it. Here's to us doing well,
Leave those nuts & bolts alone Anne-Marie.

Imagine you've been told you have a nut allergy.

You'd have to leave them alone then wouldn't you?

Well, you're on Lipotrim now and nuts are off the menu.

They don't mix - you'll feel ill. You won't lose weight. Leave them alone.

Marylyn xx