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Got my Christmas party dresses today

But I'm slightly concerned that I'm 'thinking big' again. They are both size 14, which was a comfy fit and looked great today. I could get the size 12 zipped up (just), but I looked too lumpy in it (if you know what I mean).

I have another 3 or 4 weeks in abstinence and I'm going to get some sort of suck you in underwear to wear under the dress.

Do you think I should aim for the size 12?

I have to thank my lovely OH who got me one of the dresses as my Christmas pressie as he really liked them both. :bliss:

I promise I will post before and after photos, the after photos being in these dresses.

Here are the dresses (and the shoes!).
Odeon Duchess Satin Maxi Dress at coast-stores.com

Showtime Maxi Duchess Satin Dress at coast-stores.com

Annabelle Shoe at coast-stores.com
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nearly there!! :)
oh my god i SOOOOO love the black one!! its gorg!!

personally i do think u should aim for the 12 but that would be me!! spec if u could get in it, if u needed then u could wear pully in underwear!!
They are absolutely gorgeous!! I too would go for the 12, another 4 weeks will make a big difference especially if you can already get it done up.

Looking forward to the pics!

Love the dresses. Have bought a Coast dress for Christmas too and currently bidding for another one on ebay. think you should go for the 12. But it depends when you're planning on wearing them! Whatever makes you feel most comfortable.
I bought a dress 3 weeks ago to wear next weekend. Tried it on today and it's foo big-eek!
I've foudn things fit round my middle but my boobs are really shrinking now so I need a smaller size. It's so hard to judge when you're losing weight so fast.
Whatever you decide I'm sure you'll look fabulous!

ps I've ordered to super tummy holiding in, bum pulling up, firming, toning and whatever else knickers today. Just hope I don't need the loo when I'm wearing them!!
Both those dresses are gorgeous, in fact I think I bought the red one on last weeks virtual shopping trip I had! I think you should definately aim for the 12 as others have said 4 weeks can make a big difference. Why don't you buy both dresses in the 12 then you can take back whichever doesn't fit in a few weeks, I am sure Coast have a 28 day returns policy but maybe you could check?
I've ordered to super tummy holding in, bum pulling up, firming, toning and whatever else knickers today. Just hope I don't need the loo when I'm wearing them!!
Which ones did you buy Rach? They are next on my list to buy. Must remember not to drink too much water at the christmas parties!!!


Fighting Demons....
That red dress is absolutely stunning honey! Go for the 12!! After all, if your not in it comfortably (which I'm sure you will be) get some body sculpting undies to flatten out those "lumpy bits"

B x

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
The dresses are gorgeous, I think you should go for the size 12, remember its a stone a month that you lose.
bell of the ball

i think there beautiful esp the red 1 very sexy ,sultry & serductive..i think ule get in2 the 12"s u bask in all ya glory u deserve it lady in red(OR BLACK):party0023:
this is the one I bought Helena Halter Dress at coast-stores.com

I can't believe i'm wearing it. I've bought a size 10 and it's a lolvely fit (along with the big knickers!) I was a size 28 last Christmas and wore a black top and trousers. Oh how things have changed!!
The other dress I've bought is off e bay. It's a lovely green colour. Just waiting for it to arrive in the post!

I'm sure you'll look FABULOUS in your dresses. Just get whatever size you feel best in.

:) xx
Rach that dress is beautiful, I looked at that but myself and OH agreed 'off the shoulder' for the ball. Of course I'd love to get in the 10 as well ;-)

Your Christmas must be so different this year. Do people recognise you at all? You must feel amazing and so proud of your achievements. I hope you have a great time and enjoy every single second.


Guess who's back...?
Oh RaeB - how amazing are those dresses?!? Personally, I am a bit of a black fan, although the red is stunning too.... and yes, go for the 12, you are not going to be the same size you are now in 4 weeks - plus it is an incentive to keep piling that water down!

As far as needing the loo is concerned - I think Spanx (control undies) are crotchless, or at least have a flap that can be moved to the side (sorry for the info)... friends of mine SWEAR by them! :D

Rach - your dress is stunning too... I am so jealous of you both!!

Wow they are both beautiful. Size 12 I think xx


Fighting Demons....
Good on you RaeB and congrats Rachel!

I've just spied this dress on Coast. I'd take off the corsage but I love it. May be a bit short for it though :( I have a work do in December - am just waiting to find out the dress code as I won't spend the money if I don't have to!

Chandon Maxi Dress at coast-stores.com
LS, that's soooo pretty! I love that colour. And if it is a little short, its a great excuse for some KILLER Heels!

Remember those party piccies! We want to see you IN it!

B x


Fighting Demons....
Bek - Thanks! I'm 5'3" so the killer heels are mandatory. Unfortunately I meant I may be a bit short for it. Should see if the dress is needed first but if I accidentally go to a Coast store on Saturday 'just to see if it's there' that wouldn't be my fault.. :)
Nope, it wouldn't be your fault at all hun! Also, my cousin is 4'11"! And my mum is 5'4", they always buy long dresses and stupidly high shoes for Xmas/NYE and gets away with it! I'm sure you can too, and you never know, they may even do it in petite!

B x

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