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Got that fat feeling

lol well didnt think i would be saying this but its been playing on my mind. i been worried that am putting on weight on refeed when i wasnt bothered before lol its weird cos my clothes are getting bigger on me still but i can t help but feelin like this

Just thought i would share anyway. gunna go to gym in morning when i finish work, even though its last thing i wanna do after working nights, but am gunna do a bit and also get on them scales and see what i am looking like. hopefully its just me being a tit lol

anyways. back to work :copon:
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My husband = My hero
you have done bloody brilliantly!!!!!!

its only natural to worry ur undoing ur hard work but DONT let it get obsessive hun!

just look at the figures youve lost sooo much weight! an u look fab!

Aww, don't get too stressed out over it, I'm sure there's no need to worry. If you're doing the refeed properly and exercising there's no reason for things to go wrong :)

You've done so well, congratulations! Can't wait to reach target myself.
I think in this whole dieting business, the last thing to cotton on to what we are doing is our mind. Its only natural you should feel apprehensive or worried, as you havent eaten for so long. Just resist the urge to pig out and be sensible and you will be fine :)
Exactly as Demaris said.Also bear in mind you have done soo well .Concentrate on where you are now as opposed to where you were before you started! Chin up x
thanks everyone for the support

like i say i know it seems daft because my clothes are getting looser on me so its just me being over worried.

I think the main thing thats bothering me is that i want to be able to fit in to my new jeans that i got, when i go to london on 5th march and thats what i am worrying over lol

ah well i am sticking to it pretty much to the letter, had the odd little bit here and there but other than that im following the plan. Also am keeping with the gym too so its all good.

anyway now im at work i am being kept busier so i arent thinking about it or about being hungry lol so thats good.

Hopefully i have maintained or even lost a little but will see, as long as my clothes are getting slacker thats what counts.

plus i know when im back from london i am going on another diet anyway so i should stop worrying haha. anyway its great to get it off my mind and i feel better for it.

sorry for the rant


I will be skinny again!!!
I know what you mean, I don't feel any skinnier at all!!

But yeah it's probs just paranoia LOL

Have fun in London, you look amazing n will have a brill time fx
I know what you mean, I don't feel any skinnier at all!!

But yeah it's probs just paranoia LOL

Have fun in London, you look amazing n will have a brill time fx
thanks very much your a star

its starting to slowly go in that i arent as big as i was. i always ask my parents if they can tell any difference cos i cant and they say are you mad you have lost loads

just strange how it takes so long to understand your new size


I will be skinny again!!!
LOL yep I know. My stomachs been really swollen ATM which isn't helping matters LOL
true i think thats what part of this is the full stomach feeling which i just havent had whilst on TFR then when eating almost feeling bloated so this is probably why

my god i think you have cracked it


My husband = My hero
lol what u 2 bloody like!!

sayin that, every morning i come down an my mum goes " oh my god look at u" an im like mum... im no different behave

but everyone else sees what u dont! your so used to bein one size your body thinks it still is!

but its not!

enjoy london and enjoy ur skinnier jeans my lovely, u will have a fab time, and your cnfidence will shoot up!
this is what worries me about refeed, i think we are so used to have flat tummies from no bloating etc its going to be really weird to feel properly full again!

I also worry that i will pile the weight on when i come off LT - its driving me insane!

Adam as you are going to the gym and being sensible it sounds like you have the right solution to this :) So i guess the exercise route is the best and safest way to go :)
Yea I worry about this too when im gonna come off.. But thinking more and more about it, this diet isnt a quick fix, its a start and yes if u start eating again you'll feel full (healthy full tho)

its when you start eating not so healthy is the problem, and granted now and then we're all gonna have a few drinks and we're all gonna have a treat every now and then, its what you're doing is hey, leading a new healthy lifestyle going to the gym regularly and not after a few months when u've put on weight.. its the right way to do it so everything should be fine..

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