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Got told off by WII Fit Board

My wii fit board has just given me a rollocking for wobbling when it was trying to weigh me, I was trying my hardest but think it's the fact that I'd not had anything to 'eat' yet and was a bit wobbly, it had to do me three times. Then it gave me a stern warning about losing too fast. Then it told me off about not weighing at the same time!!!!!!

I do weigh for my weekly weigh at the same time but have a sly one sometimes.

I'm scared to weigh again, when you're trying to stay still the more you wobble:D
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Lol, my wii fit only lasted one month. It was a gift from my partner a couple of Christmases ago. It told me i was obese to i told my partner it was broken lmao, and i sold it on ebay !!
Mine made my little mii huge and it waddles in, I'm highly offended but am going to make it eat it's words ha ha
Im just about to set up my wii fit which I have not used for over a year. Let's see what it has to say about me!
Mine told my slim, tall 6 year old she was overweight!! Fortunately she takes after her dad! She eats a healthy balanced diet, is really active and is perfect for her height! I personally wouldn't take what they say as gospel - they set BMI's too low! BMI's were set in the 50's/60's when men and women were a completely different shape. It's the same as the good old centile chart in children... Both my kids were always off the scale in height and weight but perfectly in proportion! They just take after their 6ft 2inch dad! Fortunately!! RANT OVER!
Mine told me off for weighing after these 4 days! A cheeky weigh in shouldn't do any harm ;) hehe xx
Haha, not going to weigh now till next Sunday! See if I can last that long off the scales! x
My fit board told me i had put on 9lb in one day! brought scales now lol

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