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  1. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Sorry for the thousand and one questions this morning.

    Do you all stick to the grass fed and organic? If so where do you buy? Online?

    I currently have free range eggs from a local farm and they do traditionally fed rare breed pork that you buy by the 1/4 etc would traditionally fed mean grass fed???


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  3. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    I agree and do the same.... I buy the best I can.... meat from the butchers only.... only organic, free range eggs....

    Get the best you can afford! Sure it will be fine hunni!!!

  4. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    I buy nz meat as much as poss - most if not all will be grass fed :) also I'm biased lol

    I buy black farmer sausages as gluten free. For whole family..

    Butcher stocks from local farms etc and some organic free range poultry

    Mince - suppermarket - but I get extra lean steak mince from sainsbury

    We eat, lamb, lamb, chicken, pork ., lamb and beef and more nz lamb - nz lamb legs are 1/2 price in sainsbury .. My freezer has at least 7 legs in it - I keep buying them as we eat one a week (midweek) stick in oven when I go pick up kid1 2 hours slow cooking - Devine :) Good for lunches etc I don't do Sunday lunch as we are normally out or day or its just me and kids at home ..

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  5. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Thanks for all the replies, think I'm going to maybe look at less meat but better quality... And maybe see if any farms around, we have a butchers in our village and I used to use but found the meat very grisly and the last time I went the butcher picked up some chicken and then stuck his hands in mince before wrapping the meat up all without washing his hands and it really put me off especially when he then handled money! Couldn't believe it xxx

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  6. Donzy84

    Donzy84 Back to basics

    Oh the farm that does the pork boxes will make me up sausages without rusk just herbs so they should be ok right?

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  7. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    Those sound ideal. :)

    I buy meat from a local butcher (who also sells online actually) - they are 'traditionally reared' and they do say a lot is grass fed although I've never asked them what they do over winter, what the chickens eat etc. It is really convenient for our household as they sell in two portion packs already pre-frozen (so mince for example comes in 250g blocks, vacuum sealed so you can defrost it in the package in a bowl of water in about 20 minutes, chicken breasts are vacuum sealed individually and defrost in the same time, etc). They aren't organic but I am personally happy enough with how they look after their animals:

    Why not organic?

    I find we do tend to eat more of the lower cost per portion meats from them but everything is delicious and when we do splurge on something like a steak it's to die for. If we had more mouths to feed I think I'd just stretch the meat out a bit more and add a bit more fat in cooking.

    I was buying the Black Farmer sausages but I am trying to avoid soya now which they contain - all 'commercial' GF sausages have either soya or something else in them (sometimes 'GF crumb which is made of rice etc). I did find one once that had potato starch in it but can't remember which. So now we either make our own sausages at home - not in skins, haha, terrified of them, but as patties usually - or buy the butcher's ones with no rusk in them.
  8. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    Cool! The Exeter shop is lovely although I do find it difficult not to just grab one of everything as it all looks so yummy. :) This year we had a duck from them for Christmas, last year we did their 'simplest' turkey as we had a lot of guests and it was delicious and really easy to cook and serve. MIL was pleasantly surprised that it was 'proper' turkey as she was deeply suspicious of it coming in a roll, lol. :)
  9. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Is there a farmers market you could visit.... I keep missing the one near me.... MUST go this month!!! Lol... X

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