Gravy question


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Hello all,
Sorry, another daft question from me........

Gravy! Today is roast dinner day! Usually I will make my gravy using the veg from the bottom of the pan i have cooked the meat in, with wine, stock and flour a la Jamie Oliver, however i know thats not going to be sw friendly :cry:

However, I have seen recipies on here for making your own gravy using stock and onions and my question is, whats is wrong with plain old bisto?? Is it really bad to use it?? I was just planning on bisto and hot water????

Lolly xx
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i use it....ive done the syn free gravys etc and i prefer to use bisto granules and syn it.
i either use 2 or 3 syns worth.......nothing wrong with it at all,just some people prefer to not use their syns on it.


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S: 20st4lb C: 19st7lb Loss: 0st11lb(3.87%)
Thank you chick - i think i would rather syn it too, I am struggling to use up my syns really, so gravy granules it is - I will try not to mourn my Jamie Oliver gravy though hehe!


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the granuals usually have cornflour or other thickening agent in it and it's this that is where the syns are..


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I'd recommend the "Bisto Best" granules - as does the SW Magazine - a couple of issues ago, the Bisto Best scored highest in the chicken gravy granules test. Only 2 syns for 142ml made up as instructed (2tsp granules)

To me well worth 2 syns - I also have the pork and beef versions too;)

One of my few concessonwhen it comes to self-made v processed!


Tracie Green

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its not that bad just 1 syn for every teaspoon i think, but then dividing it between the family, not many at all, well worth using syns for gravy!! x