Great South Run 2006 Thread


The Diet Guy
This is for all those mad fools that agreed we would do this!!

It is now only 4 weeks and got a mail from them yesterday saying I should be able to easily run 6 miles now.

Therefore I am about to get on my treadmill that I bought 4 years ago and do a 6 mile run.

If I am not back on here by 10pm can someone call an ambulance and send it straight to Great Yarmouth!!


Ha Ha Ha....I have decided to back out!

Training was going well BUT as a lot of you know I am expecting (17 weeks now). It would not be a problem but I simply can't run at the moment (sorry Mike if this is too much info for you) as my boobs hurt like anything - even if I am just sat down or walking!!! I thought about walking it - but decided I would rather wait & do it at some other time - properly!

Good luck to you all.
Out of breath...........

Well I did 7km and my legs gave in!!

I shall be back on it at 7am in the morning

How far in miles is 7km?? Well done by the way!

I managed a 5 miler on Friday - set off for an hour to see how far i could get running / walking in that time - was totally staggered when i managed to run for the whole hour and my steppy thing said 5 miles!!

I didn't get an email from them :(
OOh whilst tripping the light fantastic and strutting my stuff last night I am now hobbling a good un with sore knees. I thought my "twist" was very endearing, and was impressed with how low I could get! Think my poor joints have thought different! I'll do a gentle one 2morrow and see how they are.
Well disaster for me!!

I have dislocated my right knee cap so am in trouble now!

My knees are both knackered from when I was big and always used to dislocated whenever I did any sport!

So looks like I shall be hobbling round the course!! Off to sports world now to get a good knee strap and also some freeze spray

OMG Mike!:eek:
How did you manage to do that?
Let us know how you get on. Ive got my fingers and toes crossed for you.
Nats and Hels will have to take it in turns giving you piggy backs!:p
Look after yourself
I got off the treadmill and Ethan had left his match magazine on the floor and I went flying on it.

All I keep thinking is that it is only 10 miles and I could just walk slowly. If it was 26 miles I would give it up as a bad job.

Running in wellies!

Ohh, bless them! The Great South Run is this morning and it has been bucketing it down all the time!:eek:
I suppose at least they won't over heat.

Hope they didn't get to cold waiting for the start whistle.

Can't wait to hear how you guys got on! Hats off to you all!:)
It was fab.....if you like getting wetter than you've ever got before but a huge sense of achievement!!!

I was a little bit out of control panicking until I met up with Mike and Nat and then managed to stay calm. Rain held off until we were just queuing up to start and then it bucketed THE WHOLE 10 MILES - getting harder and harder towards the end!!!

Still at least it kept us cool! I didn't run with Mike and Nat as they were in a different wave - but I know they got round fine!

I must admit I was totally overwhelmed as I approached the start and had a little sniffle - also cried as I came over the finish line!!

I have to say I would never ever in a million trillion zillion years have imagined I could do that - even though what with one thing and another I still have a fair way to go on my weight journey - for me to exercise regularly and be fit enough to run 10 miles (I only walked about half to three quarters of a mile) is a massive achievement for me.

I feel empowered!!!!!!! Have been telling my girls if i can do that i can do anything!!!!
WELL DONE HELS!!!!!!!! You rock!
Congratulations HTPink

What an achievement and the longest cold shower you've ever had to boot!

Hope you sleep well.
Dizzy x
I feel so happy for you, hun....well done!!! :D :D