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great things - the full shred experience diary.... day 4/30


day 1

level 1

good workout. striped to my base layer, a heat generating top. big mistake as i keeps the heat in and keeps you warm and i ended up a right sweaty betty, salt flavoured great things lol.

i used 2 large tins of heinz soup but it wasn't heavy enough weight wise for me. i'm used to doing squats with a 20kg bar (the sweat drips down to your elbows then). so i guess i'll be needing more.

found the cardio great, still got out of breath, recovered quickly. last cardio section where all 4 were revisited was brill. mind i can't help think that i look like a monkey when i do the punching :eek:

felt daft even though it was just me, the dvd and the dog giving me quizical looks. :D loved the way gillian said at the end 'consider yourself shredded!' :D

thinking 10 days level 1, 10 days level 2 and 10 days level 3! i will do the dvd on days that i can't go to the gym. i'm planning in starting doing my tuesday, wednesday, thursday thing again.

i've a half marathon to work up to this year too. it's miles away - september, but still it would be good to be fitter and thinner to run it in a new PB this year!
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well review from day 1.... having not been to the gym or running for about a month i found that the back of my legs ached (must be the back kicks), i can feel that my abs have worked well. just need some weights.

day 2

feeling the effects.....

yep, i'm feeling the effect on my legs. my hamstrings are sore. this usually happens with the squats. going to have to pop a sport bra on or something as my boobs are bouncing around like no-ones business. that or double top myself. it's worse when i'm doing the cardio bits like jumping jacks. i def build up a sweat in the 20 mins. the only thing i hate is the cool down. it's important but i do my own thing.

day 3

i've decided that, lacking in energy i would still move my butt. i've also decided that i hate the jumping jacks. just hate the ways you know that flaming jumping jacks are coming soon.....

anyway popped on a sports top with added bra thing in it and i didn't bounce as much. i've moved the room around today so i could sort of use the patio door windows as a mirror to check that i was doing it right. i still think i look like a monkey when i do the punching. just glad it's 20 mins and not 2 hours. gillian is a hard task master. i get nice and out of breath. backs of legs are still sore and not getting any better, that'll teach me to be lazy about missing the gym. abs are still feeling tight. so all in all who needs guntha (ref to orange add :))!
ohh fabulous! My 30 day shed is hopefully in the post winging it's way to me!
Have you weighed yourself since doing this and are you still doing CD? Are you building muscle etc
Let me know .... and happy new year!
S xoxo
ohh fabulous! My 30 day shed is hopefully in the post winging it's way to me!
Have you weighed yourself since doing this and are you still doing CD? Are you building muscle etc
Let me know .... and happy new year!
S xoxo
I'm on the 810. Started it 1.1.11 and was back on cd the same day. It will be interesting to see if my weight loss is hampered again. My losses tend to be slower when I exercise but size wise I go down.

day 4

how many times can you official give gillian the finger before it looks bad in front of the dog?

not feeling as bad when i do it now. legs are still sore but i've stopped feeling my abs. i'm at the gym tomorrow. planning on running about 3 miles. then bike as recovery so i might not bother doing gillian. don't want to do too much as i know that exercise in excess does hamper my weight loss and as i've got under 5lb to my 2nd goal and i want to get there for my birthday (a week on monday) i want to take it easy on the exercise front to get there.

day 5 - exercise done a the gym today

well i popped to the gym today so no gillian for me. managed 2.02 miles in 22m 30s - pretty bad :(

after running i had 20 mins on the bike. went through 2 litres of water. i was so thirsty.

then i did some of gillian's routine using the 2kg (in each hand) weights. it was really good to look at myself in the gym mirror as i now know how far i squat and lunge which is helpful, also it was good to be able to correct my stance. i tend to watch natalie (?) the more advanced moves in level 1 so it was good to see how i was doing in comparison.

i then did some abs, chest flies and full out press ups. followed by the plank and the side raise plank (turn to the side and rest on one leg and one arm). no idea how many cals i've burnt but i've stopped thinking about it. it's just come to my mind now.... running prob 240 cals, bike 120 cals, gillian stuff 100 cals?
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day off shred/exercise - planned. back to it tomorrow. i can feel the work i did yesterday at the gym and the exercise i did that were 'gillian's'. my shoulders are aching today. not sure what caused it but.... who knows.


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You're doing so well. I start 30 Day Shred tomorrow. I did Kettlebells today so my legs and arms are hurting before I even start. I love Jillian though so hopefully she'll get me through!

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