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Greedyguts food diary

Hello I'm Sarah :)

I have been kidding myself all year that I am on a diet!! When in fact I have been exercising the "flexible syn" rule everyday!! This ended yesterday!!

I woke up feeling positive so I started the day with a jog :) I stop started for 30 mins when on a good day I can run 40 mins without stopping. But it's a start!!

I am organised for lunches thru the week!! I have made a huge salad for quickness and chopped up strawberries melon plums ready to add to blueberries and grapes for fruit salads!!

Food diary:

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs done in fry light, mushrooms and beans on 2 toast (ww wholemeal thick bread - HXB)

Lunch: cranberry wheats (HXB) and semi skimmed milk (HXA)

Dinner: SW sausages, smash and onion gravy (to eat after the pics)

Off to see The Inbetweeners movie tonite with the OH, brother and his GF :)

If you have any suggestions for low syn nibbles at the pics please share!!

Catch ya later xx
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Well the film was good but not as funny as Bridesmaids!!

Managed to avoid food while i was there!! But the OH's birthday cake is calling me from the fridge!! Argh!! I'm going to bed xx
Day 2 -

Breakfast was cereal and Semi skimmed milk HEB & HEA and a banana

Lunch was salad and tuna sandwich HEB for brown bread bun. Fruit salad and sugar free jelly

Snacks - 2 apples

Dinner - omelette and cheese HEA

And to make it worse I had 2 pieces of the OH's chocolate cake. Oh oh!!

Walked at lunchtime and have been on the vibrostep twice today. Looking for new exercises/positions to try on vibrostep :)

hi greedyguts (love the name lol) welcome to s/w and minimins. i want to go and see the inbetweeners i loved the series it will be interesting to see what i think of it :rolleyes: re ur hubbies b/day cake i would not be able to resist it if i had it in the house loooove cake :eek: good luck losing the lbs xx
Hello :) the cake has now gone!! It has been replaced with another choc cake but shop bought so won't go near it lol!! Making the birthday boy his tea tonite!!

Breakfast. Cereal and semi skimmed milk HEA and HEB.

Lunch. Egg salad. Fruit salad. Cheese HEA. Brown bread bun(syns)

Dinner. Steak jacket pot peas and onion rings and mushrooms. Onion rings and steak will be synned!!

Think I've prob synned enuf this week so will not have anymore!!

Sorry Valerie forgot to mention that the series is much funnier than the film but still worth a watch :) Kevin & Perry Go Large was better!! But it's a fun nite out!!

Decided jacket pot would be too much and I wasn't that hungry anyway!!

Today has been a hard day!! Weighed myself first thing and I guess the past few weeks and the cake has finally caught up with me and I am now heavier than I have ever been!! 14 stone 13lbs 2oz.

Breakfast fruit salad and fat free yogurt

Lunch jacket potato and 5 laughing cow light triangles, 2 boiled eggs and fruit salad.

Snacks 2 apples and pack of salt and vinegar snack a jacks.

Dinner jacket potato, veg fingers and Philadelphia light.

Need to syn the veg fingers.

Tomorrow I am on a 5 hr day so will get some exercise in!! Early start to the long weekend!! Can't wait for a few days off work!! Plenty of exercise, a comedy nite, Sunday lunch and a trip to Bamburgh Castle :) oh and hopefully get some long walks in!!


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