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Green Day... Please can you confirm...

Hi All

I joined this forum a few days ago, and have posted one question, as i have been trying to read as many posts as possible.

Please could someone advise me which bread you can use on a Green Day, when having baked beans?

Also i take it that you can use spagetti in tom sauce?

And can you use mushy peas in tin & are they free? I take it that baked beans & spagetti are free?

Also one last question, on Green Days can you have meat? Or is Green veggie only.

Really sorry to ask, and hope questions are not too silly.

I am starting SW tomorrow.

Many thanks for al your help.
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The breads are the same whether you're having a green or a red day. I usually have 3 weightwatchers brown danish (cos I like it and you get more!). Green days are for your peas, sweetcorn, pulses, beans, pasta etc (yes, you can have tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce). You can have meat as a healthy extra B but you have to weigh your portion - check your book. Red days are for your meat and fish, you can have a jacket potato then as a hex b, you have to weigh your carbs on red days and use them as hex b or syns.


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As Dehli said - depending on what I am eating the bread with (and if its toasted or not) I usually have 2 slices of malted Nimble or 1 slice of medium slice 'proper' wholemeal bread


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I use 2 slices of normal wholemeal bread as my HEb.

You should consider joining a group as it will all become clearer when the entire plan is explained properly and you have the books to refer back to


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I know it can add up quite expensively. I just got vouchers from my doctors, why not ask your docs if they do them? The class really does help even if you just go to get started then go it alone when you get your head properly into it x


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A few people have GP referals at my class... just wish Id known I would have asked! But the £4.50 is worth it... Im honestly SAVING money by going!
How do u get the GP referrals?, do u ask dr for them and how long does it take from going to DR's until you can join a class?

Soz to be nosey but I was gonna join tomorrow and could do with saving on the pennies at the mo....


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I went to the docs and asked if I could get the vouchers as I wanted to rejoin but couldn't afford it. I then had to make an appointment with the nurse and she gave me the vouchers. Easy as that!
wow taz didnt realise you got the gp referal, shy bairns get nowt eh? or is that just a local saying?


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wow taz didnt realise you got the gp referal, shy bairns get nowt eh? or is that just a local saying?
When I started SW I just paid as normal then I saw people with the vouchers and asked someone about them and they said you get them from the doctors. I asked my doctors and they said they didn't do them but now I have moved and in a different council area I can get them so I thought there was no harm in asking!

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