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Green tea, does it help?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by PotterMrs, 23 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. PotterMrs

    PotterMrs Full Member

    Since doing SW, I cut out milk in my drinks, at first it was a struggle but iv got used to it now and can't have milk in my drinks at all! In the past 6 months, I have started drinking green tea. After experimenting with numerous different brands, iv found clipper green tea with lemon to be my favourite. They say green tea aids weightloss, have people found this to be true? I have good losses but I'm not sure if it's the tea or just how I lose? All I do know is the green tea makes me pee like mad!!
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  3. sweetpink

    sweetpink Gold Member

    It speeds up your metabolism so yes it may help, but it doesn't always work for everyone. But even if it doesn't help with weight loss, it gives you lovely hair and skin. ;)
  4. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I swear by Green Tea, I know SW don't necessarily stand by supplements or teas etc, before I went to America and fell off the wagon I lost almost 3st and always found my losses were bigger with Green Tea, even if it's just a placebo effect, it definitely worked for me.
  5. PotterMrs

    PotterMrs Full Member

    I didn't know it gave nice hair/skin! Iv not noticed anything anyway! Speaking of skin, I have become spottier since SW, iv googled before now and came across articles saying it's the toxins escaping from the body - I wish they'd hurry up and escape! I'd much prefer them escaping thru my backside that my face!! At least I can hide a fart!
  6. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Yes it helps. As you note it makes you wee. Its diuretic effects help reduce water retention and anything with caffeine is good for metabolism. Plus no milk means totally fat free. What's not to love :)
  7. PotterMrs

    PotterMrs Full Member

    Always had the impression caffeine was bad for you! Never looked at it as speeding up the metabolism but then again, I suppose it does give you the energy boost doesn't it!
  8. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Too much isn't good for you but anything that increases heart rate will boost metabolism. Green tea comes with so many antioxidant benefits and the caffeine is comparatively low that it's considered one of the best thing you can drink, maybe with the exception of pure water.
  9. lolacola

    lolacola Silver Member

    Personally I say yes, I drank green tea by the bucketload and I swear it helped! I've had to stop it now as I'm pregnant and can't have those levels of caffeine, I miss it!
  10. kezz_g

    kezz_g Full Member

    I read that you have to drink a fair amount of it to affect weightless, i drank 5 cups a day (varied between hot and cold and all different flavours) for a week and lost 8lb, which was a higher loss than i would normally have, I'm trying to psyche myself up to do it again!!
  11. strawberry

    strawberry Getting slim for NYC

    Can't say I've noticed it helping my weight loss as mine is quite consistent anyway, but it does help getting rid of any bloat I may have. Also does wonders for my skin :)
  12. fifty3

    fifty3 Member

    It's not only great for weight loss but it's also full of antioxidants that help with brain function and can aid in lowering cholesterol.
  13. Dance Mum

    Dance Mum is now racing to the 14's

    I swear by it. I started drinking it when I started back on SW & so far my losses have been good
  14. MrsG09

    MrsG09 Full Member

    I love the Twinnings Ginger Green Tea and their Luxury Gingerbread Green Tea, I cant say if I think it helps with weight loss but I just wanted to cut down my dairy intake. Like you I cant stand milk in my drinks now.
  15. randycaver

    randycaver Member

    I love green tea. I don't have enough milk in normal tea to use as my hex a so I've pretty much cut it out and only drink green tea/water/sf-dilute. Don't know if there's been any positive effect but I've always drank green tea anyway as I enjoy it.
  16. strawberry

    strawberry Getting slim for NYC

    Just made myself a cup of this now, love the Twinings one! it has jasmine in it too so it smells like flowers. :)
    Last edited: 21 September 2014

    TANYAJANE87 Member

    I've recently got into green tea. Not sure if it has helped my weight loss but last week I lost 1.5lbs but didn't eat much that week so who knows.

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