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Green tea .. what does it taste like ?

Hi , I am desperate for something hot to drink , and use flavouring in my water so cant use boullion , I have been reading how good green tea is at making you feel fulla nd boosting metabolism .. but I dont drink normal tea and not sure if i will like it . Can anyone tell me what it tastes like please ???
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i got some yesterday and it wasn't nice but then i'm a fussy mare with things like that, i dont drink tea often tho only coffee, know what you mean tho about wanting something different to drink other than just water and black coffee, sorry not much help lol
Hi Katie,

I love to drink herbal teas and green tea especially. There are a lot of different ones on the market, and if you try one and hate it, don't be discouraged, some taste pretty awful and some are really nice.

I would recommend a brand, but I have been travelling for few years and have just returned home so all the brands I have been drinking are not around in the UK. I bought some yesterday, TWINNINGS and its OK, not too bitter as some of them can be. The first rule is not to make it too strong i.e. dont leave the bag in for too long, keep it nice and clear not cloudy. My favourite green tea of all time is with Jasmine - it just adds that little something and a nice aroma.

I also love
Peppermint :) hence my username & Camomile

Hope you like it,

Pepper :)
I like it. I do feel that is is an acquired taste though, and I put a sweetener in mine to liven it up a bit. Definitely, as Peppermint says, don't brew it too strong or too long as it will go horribly bitter.
im another one who hasnt tried green tea, will get some at the wkend to give it a go :)


Nearly a yummy Mummy
The 1st time i tasted green tea it made me want to throw up. It was very bitter, however you do get used to it adn it does become a nice drink.
I now drink 4 cups a day and love it x


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Also use tetly green tea with Lemon and use 1 sweetner, its really nice xxx


Silver Member
It totally depends on the brand imho some are rank (talking about the clipper one here!) I think the best one taste wise is green dragon from H&B. It's quite fresh tasting and not as bitter as some of the other kinds.
I drink the Twinings Light Green Tea with Mint and it`s lush x
Oooh, that sounds nice SacredSilence, will have a look for that one next time, thanks!
It`s on offer at mo in Tescos - 2 packs of 20`s for £1.50 x
Haha silence I bought mine in Tescos yesterday coz of that offer, I bought the green tea and the peppermint one lol not a massive fan of green tea but hey if it's helps with weight loss then I'm willing to drink it
clipper do a green tea with ginseng and raspberry which is lovely or twinings do green tea with cranberry and green tea with pomegranate, i always add a sweetener to mine to bring out the flavour
I got some PG Pure Green Tea yesterday and thought it tasted like :censored:!
I'll have to try not leaving the bag in as long to see if it helps. :)
Don`t forget that Green Tea with any kind of fruit is a no no on CD ;)

Steve, I prefer the "light" Green Tea with Mint, Much nicer if you like Mint? Xx
SacredSilence said:
Don`t forget that Green Tea with any kind of fruit is a no no on CD ;)

Steve, I prefer the "light" Green Tea with Mint, Much nicer if you like Mint? Xx
Il stick to my mint choc shake and bar lol


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Oooh while I remember - If i was making a hot shake then I'd make it with green tea. Just brew the tea as normal and use it to make the shake. It means you can get more of it down even if you don't like the taste.

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