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Green Tea with Jasmine

Does anybody know if this is ok to drink? I have had water all day which has been fine but just stopped off at Tesco to get some peppermint tea which I already like and saw this Green Tea with jasmine and thought it might be nice to try.

Hoping a warm drink might stop me feeling hungry, my tummy is rumbling:(
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Afraid not :( You can have Green tea, leaf teas, Peppermint, but and jasmine added is a no-no.
okay thanks for that - dh will have to drink that then :)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I've often drank green jasmine tea!! I've always thought we could have the teas K.D mentioned, but avoid any FRUIT infused teas, or roots (ginger etc). Thought that flowers were okay, such as camomile, jasmine, etc.
Would be a shame if green jasmine was knocked off the list, as it's far nicer than plain green tea for me!
Well, they do say you learn something new everyday, but would be interested to know WHY the flower additions are frowned upon?:confused: Anyone have the answer, as I've been giving them the okay to my clients for donkeys!! :eek:


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If you have been having it and it hasnt effected your ketosis why not stick with it no point going into misery for no reason.:devilangel:

You cannot drink anything from the fruit or the flower only leaf teas.

Up until recently Earl Grey was a no no and I still stick to that as it has bergamot oil in it which is orange. Some people are okay with Earl Grey but as with other things some are not.


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I agree with Linda, I recommend to clients they avoid Earl Grey etc because of the oils.

I always say black tea, green tea and other leaf based teas but avoid all flower/root based teas as they can affect ketosis.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Okay, so I may be sounding neurotic now, but can anyone explain WHY the flower based teas are frowned upon? I understand fruit infused due to their natural sugars, and root due to their natural starches, but why not flowers? Don't mind what the reason, but I'm one of these irritating peeps that can't just be told to do (or not to do) something - need to know reasoning behind it. Makes me a better counsellor too, so I can explain the reason on to my clients. Greatly appreciate the explanation if anyone can tell me? Thanx muchly!!
From the beginning we have never been allowed any teas made from the fruit or flower.

Precise reason why dunno, I am not a scientist leave that to the clever CD bods, I can only assume that in their trials it was found that these teas had an adverse effect.

I know in research it was found that a slice of lemon in a glass of water could break ketosis.

I have found info from CD FAQ's:

I don’t like black tea and coffee – can I have low-calorie squashes?
Not on the ‘’Sole Source’’ programme. Research has shown that citric acid can prevent the body utilising its carbohydrate stores and cause fluid retention. As citric acid is present in ‘one calorie’ diet drinks, low-calorie fruit squashes, slices of lemon and lemon tea, any of these may for some people negate the effectiveness of the Diet. It is possible to whiten tea and coffee using small amounts of vanilla flavoured Diet from the daily quota. Leaf herb teas (mint, nettle, etc) can add variety, but avoid fruit and flower teas as they contain small amounts of carbohydrate which can cause fluid retention and induce a plateau in some dieters. Those who cannot live without the daily enjoyment of tea and coffee with milk can still lose weight with Cambridge by following one of the "with food" programmes (see Chapter 2) for which there is a daily milk allowance.​

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