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Tea Tea & more tea

I quite enjoy an occasional cup of black tea with a sweetner, not too keen on peppermint but again I don't mind it???? It was more about the metabolism thingy....


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Don't know about the metabolism thing, but I love green tea! I have it fairly weak with 2 sweetners and really enjoy it.

Used to be a tea with milk and sugar girl, but I won't be going back!

Once this is all over there are other versions of green tea I also love but can't have at the mo, one with jasmine and another with orange and lotus blossom, they are yummy.

try some, its the only way you will know, my husband was shocked to find he likes it too, and he was so sure he would hate it.....



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hrm...I heard something about that...but it's only certain concoxions of it...and it does seem to have any massive results from what I can see. Perhaps more investigtion is needed? ;)


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If you are doing it for the benefits--Oolong tea is supposed to be better than green tea. It is some where between black and green tea but doesnt really taste like either. HTH


Got a life thank you!
I drink Okinawan green tea first thing in the morning and at lunch time - it is supposed to break down fat in the tummy area.

I'm not sure of the results tbh, it is hard to say as I have a very warped perspective of my body at the moment, but, in terms of the taste, it is an acquired taste - I now like it very much. I am pretty certain it does speed up metabolism because I feel slightly different after drinking it and the biggest boost for me is that it isn't strong black tea with two sugars!

It can be expensive though - the Okinawan that I bought came from The Official Home of Rare Okinawan Slimming Tea.