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  1. Mooples

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    New here and just starting out on Exante. I am currently 22st 6lbs which is the heaviest I've ever been. Two and a half years ago I got down to 15st and absolutely loved it. When my daughter was born she was found to be allergic to dairy and soya. As I was breast feeding her, I had to completely limit both of these from my diet. It is virtually impossible to find snacks that are free of both and I soon got fed up of smart price bourbons. When out and about, pretty much the only things to eat were plain crisps and chips, so I pretty much didn't bother. I started losing weight without particularly trying and once I realised I had lost two stone, I started eating around a thousand calories with soups, salads and portion control, using myfitnesspal. I also did lots of exercise in the form of carrying my heifer of a baby in a sling while pulling my older daughter in a wagon.
    Once she outgrew the dairy and soya allergies, I realised I could eat dairy milk and salt&vinegar crisps and takeaways again, I didn't stop eating and gained quickly and here I am. I also had a crazy diet coke addiction. I stopped drinking it and aspartame wherever possible ten days ago and have been drinking tea and water. It's a bit meh and I'm missing bubbles.
    So yesterday I started exante. Years ago I had some success with the Atkins diet and found I got into ketosis very quickly and true to form I could taste it by dinner time yesterday. This morning I swear it tasted like a dog had died in my mouth, but that's a good thing!
    My goal is to at least get back down to a size 16, so that I can get back into the gorgeous size 16 Phase 8 skirts I had. I also have a very nice Monsoon dress that I never quite managed - more of a size 14 I think.
    I want to stop the hideous back ache and heartburn, which more or less went away and is now back with a vengeance. I want to stop looking like a huge amorphous blob again and would like to reconvene with my chin!
    That's about all there is to say about me!

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  3. heatwave74

    heatwave74 Full Member

    Welcome and well done for taking back control. Being in the right frame of mind to do this is half the battle won so good luck on your weight loss journey I'm sure you will do brilliant!
  4. Mooples

    Mooples Full Member

    Thank you! Feeling positive atm, so fingers crossed!

    Aiming to be a size 14!
  5. Deb123

    Deb123 Member

    Keep your eyes firming on the goal (or mini Goal) You CAN do this!
  6. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Hi Carla, reading your post has reconfirmed for me the reasons why I started Exante 13 months ago.

    I started at a similar weight to you and have lost 8 stones so far but been struggling since going away for 10 days in July. I was so focused on losing as much as I could for my holiday and enjoying my holiday at size 16 instead of the size 24 I was the previous year that after getting back I've struggled to get motivated again. But reading your thread reminds me of how far I've come but also how I must never go back to where I was.

    Good luck with the journey Carla, it is so worth it - as you know! xx
  7. Mooples

    Mooples Full Member

    Keep it up - 8 stone is marvellous - well done!

    Carla xxx
    Aiming to be a size 14!

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