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Ground linseed/fkax seed - which supermarket?


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i had to get mine off ebay - no where near me sold it. they did have whole flax seed but not the ground one.


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thank you chick a lick a loo x
tesco do it! it's in the section that sells all the gluten free stuff, have just bought 3 bags as I've been making the flaxseed foccacia, my god it keeps you regular ;o)
Yes, you'll find it in Tesco in the Freaks, Geeks and weirdo's aisle as tee says. ;)

Dee 25

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They dont sell it in every store, i cant get any so had to buy the linseed to crush.

Do they not? Ours is a Tesco extra so maybe that's why they do.


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Do you think I can find this anywhere? I've even searched eBay.... the problem is, I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to be looking for :eek: So it's probabaly been staring me in the face but I've just missed it. I don't think it helps that it can be called two different things... (or have I just made that up!? :rolleyes: )

Has anyone got a pic of what I should look out for please or a link??


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Brilliant! I think I'll just get that one actually.

Thank you! :)


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they only do he whole linseed at my tesco not the ground ones :(
Really Vicky, those were bought at Tesco.


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LOL! Alright Jim... I asked for a picture not a poster! :p

Thank you though, I'm going to have a look at lunchtime... AGAIN! lol
:D, no mistaken it though is there.


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This is true...

You watch, i'll come back with a bag of coal for my BBQ! :rolleyes: :D


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last year I did atkins and I used flax seed in one recipe and almost died of gag.....im hoiping the ground stuff is better. Linseed oil stinks and makes me gag (its like castor oil).

Why do some diets really touch the gag button????!!!

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