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Grrrhh Bloody Friends!!!!!

Well as the above states i'm meeting up with some friends who actually I am looking forward to seeing at the weekend.

My hubbie without thinking has arranged to meet at a beefeater, looking at the menu I should be ok if I chose paprika chicken without chips / potatos and extra salad - what do you think?

Any advice would be great

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Im probably the wrong person to answer given my little "giving up" episode earlier lol, but id stick to low carb. throughout this diet there will be times we ALL have to face these things but if you make the right choices you should be fine.

I think its fnny how before the diet we'd think nothing of eating out etc but now it causes so much stress thinking about it. Hopefully you have a good time and dont worry too much about it, cos if u stress too much by the time u go u might jst blow out! xx
Cheers peeps, Mandy you are totally the right person to speak to as you understand the dangers xxx

I've decided i'm gonna drive and take some water flavouring with me so I can have sparkling water, and then I will have chicken and salad so should be ok no dessert but then I prob will be soo full up that I really won't need it.

Thanks for the advice, and I will hopefully manage to stay in this week - soo not going for totally blow out - can't face getting back into ketosis again lol

This is the one time in my life I'm glad I don't have a social life hee hee, I go to church group once a week in the evening and it's coffee all round. I think you're all really great who cope with meals out, office parties etc. I make a bottle for my baby, and mix my shake, we're eating the same ha ha
Dutch ive given up my social life as of last week. I cant cope with the constant nights outsand temptation so ive taken myself out of that circle for a bit! I go to a spiritualist church once a week bt i can handle resisting a coffee, and meet friends one morning a week. Have to resist cakes and rolls but i can do that! Put me in the situation where going out fr a meal or drinks and i just cant do it sensibly! xx
I gave up my social life because I'm an "all or nothing" girl, I either pig out or starve so I don't trust myself with going out to lunch or for drinks.

When I hit my 10st target I know it'll be worth it though :)
Yeah definitely! If i had the chance of seeing friends i dont see often id go for it too! I just meant my "usual" socialising which before the diet used to be a regular occurence. Unfortunately ive had to put that to the side for now, cos i know it would be a very slippy slope for me haha x

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