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Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by Frumpster, 24 May 2007 Social URL.

  1. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    Hi everyone

    I posted a message yesterday saying that ive stayed the same weight for a few days and it was annoying me cos i'm running each day and watching my cal intake.

    I weighed in this morning and in the last 7 days I have lost 0.75lb :mad: I have gone back through my weightlossresouces diary and my cals average at 1931 a :rolleyes: Well, the chinese takeaway last Saturday threw the whole weeks average out of the window. Won't be doing that again!

    Will that be why I've lost a small amount? I've done some calculations:

    I need 18,130 cals a week to maintain my current weight.

    1lb fat requires a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories.

    I want to lose 3lb a week before my holiday in 17 weeks :eek:

    Therefore I need to be consuming 7,630 calories per week which = 1090 per day. I am planning on having 1200 and carrying on with my running.

    Does anyone know if this will work, or not? I'm so desperate but just don't want to go through cd again. I am so tempted to join the juddders, but scared in case I don't lose and I can't face another holiday like this. I've ruined too many holidays by being 'boring mum' who doesn't go on any rides, doesn't go swimming, doesn't wear shorts so whinges about the heat all day long. I can't do that again.

    Any advice will be greatly taken.


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  3. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Sorry I cant help, im afraid im useless at calorie Probably why im as big as I am.
  4. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    Thanks anyway Sonkie, I've never exercised so thought that a week of running every day would have seen a good 4-5 lbs come off.

  5. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA


    Yes, that explains your low loss.

    However, 3lb per week is a very high target to set yourself unless you are on a VLCD. It's not easy to lose that much weight per week safely. I know you have your holiday as a target but it would be worth aiming for a lower weekly loss for the sake of your health and your sanity!

    In order to lose 3lb a week on 1200 calories a day you would have to be doing an *awful* lot of exercise - more than your body can handle on 1200 calories a day.
  6. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA


    Realistically you'd have to run about 10 miles every day to lose 3lb a week (assuming you eat exactly the number of calories you need to maintain your weight) - even if you're very fit you wouldn't want to attempt this.
  7. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


    Thanks for the advice Kate.
  8. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    I put a post similar to this one on the weight loss resources forum to see if anyone there could help. I had a reply from a member on there saying that I should change my username 'frumpster' as it was demotivating to myself and others?

  9. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    Ha! The cheek! Although I think it's much kinder to yourself to choose a nice, self-aggrandizing username, it's your choice! And as for demotivating to others - guilt trip much? Just ignore this person. If something as daft as another person's username on the Internet is going to cause her to lose motivation in her diet, she has much bigger problems.
  10. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    I know, I replied saying that to me the name wasn't negative, but had many fond memories. My friends labelled me frumpster as years back I was a fit, slim and active size 10 and was 'un-frumpy'. They called me frumpster becuase they said I was the 'un-frumpiest' mum they knew :D Oh, how the times change :D

    The name Frumpster makes me smile!
  11. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    With your current weight I'd estimate that 30 minutes of serious jogging on the spot would burn up around 200 calories.

    But you need to eat much less than 1900 cals per day to see a decent loss over a one-week period. Your 1200 cal top limit sounds reasonable. Provided you do the running stint every day, and make it brisk, you might just lose that 3lb after all.

    Give it your best shot, and let us know how you get on. Good luck!
  12. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    Thanks Girlygirl.

    I'm hiring a treadmill to see how good my running on the spot actually is. I've downloaded a running guide from to really give this running lark a good go.

    Treadmill gets delievred Saturday so I can't wait to get started properly.
  13. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    I know you're JUDDDering now, and very good luck with that.

    I bought a treadmill a about ten years ago. It wasn't electric - they cost so much then I simply couldn't afford one - but it was a good, solid, reliable one.

    Treadmills quickly let you know just how unfit you are. I found to my amazement that I could barely manage five minutes at a time. My then teenage son - slim! - discovered the same thing. So we worked and worked at increasing the pace and minutes spent 'walking'.

    Eventually the treadmill became history, because it was big and bulky and I had nowhere to store it. Earlier this year I donated it - still in almost new condition - to the Salvation Army.

    I had no idea you could hire treadmills; how much do they cost? They are fab cos walking/jogging/ running are wonderful for both calorie burning and cardiovascular work.. I don't like running outside. I feel daft!

    Good luck on your JUDDD journey.
  14. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    Hi GG

    I tried doing a dd on judddd but didn't make it. It's my own fault, had a ww lasagne for my tea. I have managed to stick to 1400-1500 cals all this week and lost 2lb so chuffed with that. My next aim is to bring it down to 1100-1200 cals and keep up with the running.

    The treadmill is fab....BUT... I am utterly unfit :eek: The running on the spot is no substitute for proper running. I managed 15mins running on the spot and was so proud of myself, I went on the treadmill and managed 3 minutes. TOTM is due anyday so maybe that's slowing me down :)confused:). The good thing is I am starting the cool running training prog tomorrow. You start running 60secs and walking 90secs, and in 9 weeks time you can run for 30 mins, easy ;)

    I saw treadmill hire on here, then looked on ebay. I live in Chester and the bloke i've hired from is in Prestatyn (North Wales) its #55 for a month, but I think it's cheaper than buying one and risking it sitting unused for months!

    Good luck with you cd1000/790 plan. I know what you mean about Ketosis, I hated it, made me feel odd.
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  15. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member


    I agree that running on the spot is no substitute for 'real' running, but if you work up a sweat it is defo comparable to lively dancing. (I love dancing). It provides a total workout, more or less. Just get sweaty! What matters is that you exercise regularly. Running on the spot is free. And you can do it in front of the TV!

    I am calorie counting cos I want to. It works for me.

    I hope it will work for you, too.

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  16. Angiexx

    Angiexx Full Member

    frumpster how are you getting on ??
  17. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    Hi Angiexx

    I'm fine. Not doing very well diet wise, but not gained anything so quite happy with that.

    I haven't been on here for ages, but been reading every couple of days. One of my last posts was on the fallen angels thread and I said that I thought I was pregnant. It turns out I was but not for very long. I didn't deal with it all very well and turned to my best friend food to help me. Anyway, enjoying the 'trying' for a baby part again now :D

    I am flummoxed by dieting. There are so many diets to choose from, I want one that will help me shift some weight asap, but one where I won't go hungry (it's not too much to ask for is it :p)

    I am trying calorie counting again, wlr says I should have approx 1500 a day, but not sure whether to drop below that?

    Thanks for asking after me, it's really perked me up.
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  19. Maintainer

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    hi Frumpster,

    I'm far from a calorie counting expert (Karion will hopefully pop up in a minute though), but at your current weight, I'm sure 1,500 calories per day will get you a good start.

    The whole trick to this calorie counting versus being hungry is to "spend" your calories wisely. As we can only eat each calorie once, having chicken plus three steamed veg will "buy" you a low calorie dessert quite easily and you'll have a full plateful so that your "eyes" will see that you're not depriving yourself. Perhaps even a jacket potato as well.

    It's good at the outset to get the kitchen scales out and weigh things as I for one was amazed at how much breakfast cereal I was actually eating (when guestimating it to be an ounce worth!). Potatoes also always weigh more than I thought they would!

    Perhaps post your food diary online as we're doing on another thread in this forum. We might see easy "savings" you can make in your calories...
  20. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Hiya Frumster. Good to see you back here :clap:

    Sorry to hear about the miscarriage :( Throws the hormones and emotions everywhere doesn't it.

    Joanne has given excellent advice, see if I can add more :)
    Not these days it isn't. Most of the well known diets will do just this. BUT. There's a few things that make all the difference.

    Eating regularly
    Eating the right stuff....those foods that keep you going, especially if they are low calorie
    Getting your head in the right place
    Exercising more (sounds like you are doing that;))
    Keeping the calorie allowance realistic to your needs.

    Not if you are feeling hungry. Better to do some more exercise to 'earn' more calories. It really is better to keep to a cal allowance that you can really manage and that gives you enough for those odd cravings that will help stop you falling off the wagon. Do try 1500 for a week and see how you get on. You can always adjust it if necessary, but 1500 will probably mean you will stick with it longer.

    Try making times for meals (including snacks) so you know you never have to wait too long.

    Fill up on veg. Try to make about 1/2 the plate veg. If you're not keen on spending time in the kitchen, those little steam veg bags are a godsend (especially when cal counting as you won't need to weigh)

    If you think you are really hunger (not just head hungry), up the protein, but I find eating regularly is enough.

    Sure you know about the head;) A wrong attitude is a killer. You must want this and enjoy doing it. Use the plans on WLR. They are fab. You don't have to work out a whole day, just make up various breakfasts, lunches, snacks etc, then at the beginning of the day you can just pick what you want. Keep it interesting.

    As you probably know, WLR will add you exercise in calorie values to give you extra. If you fancy something over your allowance, you've got to work for it. Time to call DH back up to the bedroom, bathroom, living room floor;)

    You can do this. 1500 cals is well enough to keep you satisfied and lose weight. Just get that positive head on;)
  21. Frumpster

    Frumpster Becoming Un-Frumpy!

    Cambridge 790
    Thanks Maintainer, I will do that :)

    Yeah, been up and down more times than a yo-yo!

    Thanks for all the advice, it's all been noted and the new start has begun. I am sticking with 1500 cals per day, but might do 1250 and 1750 (Maintainer referred to something similar in another post!) that way I can schedule treats and stricter days!

    Thanks again X
  22. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    yay frumpster!

    you're back and ready to go for it.

    the relief, after VLCD-ing, of being able to eat, is wonderful. just means being careful, making good choices, adding a few treats, and taking the longer view, i.e. not trying to starve in order to speed up loss.

    good luck, hun!

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