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grrrr... motivation problems!


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:sigh: Im up to my old tricks again
:( expecting overnight results!!!
started SW again properly on Tuesday...(after weeks of messing around and not eating right!).... weighed myself on wednesday morning...

but had a sneaky peek on the scales this morning... and its the SAME as wednesday lol....

:( not even 1lb or 0.5lbs gone :( and ive been spinning and swimming! :mad:

am just a bit worried that come next wednesday when i weigh again it wont have changed :( or worse... might have gone up!!?

I know im kind of being silly but i just want those lbs to go away!! xx
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Stop weighing yourself, you silly thing!!! Look at what it does to your mood? You can't get a realistic idea of what's going on with your body from getting on those scales every day. A sneaky peek isn't a sneaky peek, it's a proper look and if you don't see what you want, it gets you down and likely to go off plan.

If you've been swimming and spinning you'll be getting fitter and working those muscles, which is especially good for you. And if you're sticking with the plan, eventually you'll see the numbers on the scales go down. Don't forget to do your measurements too.

We all just want those lbs to vanish, but as has been said many a time, we didn't gain these lbs in one or two weeks did we? No. So expect it to be a long, steady journey. It's actually the safest and best way :)

You will get there eventually...just stick with it!
step away from the scales!!! your weight can fluctuate so much in a day-sometimes 7+/-!!! So just try and focus on weighing in once a week!hope that helps xx
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yes you are being silly LOL.. if we could all shift a lb in one day.. we'd all be skinny within a month! . . thats why sw Wi's are weekley! - throw out those scales!!! There the devil in disguise! you dont ant to fall in to the trap of weighing daily! - i know its difficult because you wanna see results, but you'l see better ones if you do it right, relax and let the week go and then WI.. Your doing fine, just take a deep breath.. and relax! Spinning and swimming is great exercise.. but you wont see results over night, just like you wont from doing sw for 1 day before weighing lol.
You'l have fab results if you keep up the hard work.. *hugs*

Sending you lots of positive vibes, hugs and anti-scales thoughts!



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GET OFF EM!!! Honestly, it does nothing but make us feel c**p! Take your measurements, because I bet you are losing fat and building a little muscle tone... I barely lost anything the last 4 weeks but I've gone down about 6inches over my 4 measurements (waist, upper arm, hips, thigh) and if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have realised, and would have ended up losing hope... You'll see a loss by Wednesday, if not it will definitely be next week with all that exercise!! :) *hug* xx


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Awww thanks guys... youre making me feel a lot better... and in all my obsession with the numbers on the scales i have TOTALLY forgotten about measurements!!! argh!
must find my tapemeasure and get that done :)!
I am feeling less bloated and less "heavy" over the past few days, much more comfortable and healthier so thats something :)

I know im being silly really and i know my body does LOVE to hold on to water so am hoping some of it is that!! ....
just that last time, with SW my first week... i lost 7lbs! and the next week i lost 4.5lbs! :) the same results would be amazing now... but think ive messed around too mcuh recently... just going to try and focus on getting back on track! ... and my clothes getting looser... and will HIDE the scales! :)

Thankyou so much for your support everyone though... you got me out of a grumbly unhappy place this mornign!!!! :)

lots of hugs



Bears dont dig on dancin'
If you retain water then make sure you drink plenty too. I aim for 2-3L a day and it definitely helps... it's a strange old thing that you need to drink water to shift it... but hey-ho it works lol.

Glad you feel better now, we all get days like that sometimes, I know I've had my fair share of posts like this one!! xx
Another thing to remember... if youre exercising lots, muscle weighs more than fat so it could be that you've lost Fat weight but gained muscle weight... which is a good thing as the muscles help you beurn the fat quicker, even at rest :)

So back off dem der scales, they're EVIL!


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Keep off the scales, they are soul destroying........just weigh once a week, it's the best way.

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I agree although I sneakily jumped on the scales this morning and I am 2lbs heavier than when I last weighed...does it bother me? No!! I know that I am sticking to plan 100%, I exercise regularly and my weigh day is Monday morning. Dont let the scales dictate your mood...if you know you are on track 100% then thats the main thing!!
As the others have said...stay away from the scales!!! Evil and nasty things!


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omg really?? :(

why do our bodies fluctuate so much!! why cant they have simple logic like.. eating less therefore WEIGHING less.. all the time!

stupid water weight and other things :(

but thank you for your post.. .I totally agree... will not be ruled by the scales....

will not! :)

hope your WI goes well for you on monday :) xx


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Yes make the tape measure your friend! I started upping my exercise drastically last week and my loss wennt down from a usual 2lbs to 1/2 lb. I'm not bothered! My hips are an inch less than they were 2 weeks ago!

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