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I know I shouldn't let it get to me but I dint understand why I'm not losing more. I haven't lost a pound since wednesday despite being totally 100% since I started. Not even licking my fingers while making my daughters tea which iv been tempted to do!! Iv kept my water intake up and have been doing little bits on the wii fit. So I'm frustrated that I'm trying so hard and yet not much is happening. :( :( I had a good loss first week of 8lbs and this week i lost a few lbs in the days after weigh in. But why aren't I losing more???!!! I see everyone else with their huge losses and I feel that i should be getting the same results. Booooooo. Feel rubbish :(
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Feeling like that too Squeeze. Id just love a glass of wine!! Don't think I will do this for much longer. When is your weigh in. You might be pleasantly surprised. Mine is Tuesday. Not even looking forward to it. Lacking in energy big time today!!
Wana glass of wine and a dinner please!!
See I'm not struggling at all. I could do this forever. There's nothing I want, I'm never tempted by my daughters food or treats... I'm finding it so easy. But I'm not seeing the results I want!! My weigh in is tomorrow!!! I have been feeling so strong, I don't want low weight loss to knock my strength. I just DO NOT understand why the scales ain't moving. I have got 5 or 6 stone to lose so It surely should be coming off easier. Hmphhhhhh. Keep at it Abnid, wine and dinner is not more enjoyable than fitting into size 10s! Lol xx
Hi Sqeeze, I feel exactly the same, it took me 2 weeks to lose what you lost in one, i realise this is because of my size, but there are people smaller than me who are losing more ( e.g Champer's) ha, hope you don't mind me mentioning you honey. Its soooooo frustrating when you see the massive weight losses on here, I guess we are all built differently xx


Is a loser! ;-)
Give it a few days before you weigh yourself again as sometimes that's how it happens. I've stopped weighin myself now makes me look forward to my weigh ins! If you have been 100% there's no reason for you not to lose x
Thankyou guys :) and yeh we are all different... And lose at different paces. It's just a little disheartening. I should start not weighing myself but I am so impatient! Goal next week... NO WEIGHING!!! lol xx
Some weeks when u dont lose much in lbs u may be losing in inches, I lost 6 inches around my waist and 1 on each leg the week i didnt lose many lbs, dont be disheartened x

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Its different for everyone at different stages but it seems to average out over a month as about the same. At WW they did say to me once that we should only really be weighed once a month because of natural fluctuations in our weight. But because none of us would stick to a diet where it was a monthly weigh in the weekly ones dont give a true reflection of how well we are all doing. My guess is if that you have a week or two of smaller losses thaen ypu will definately have a week with a rwalky big loss! Chin up girls we can do this! :)


same here squeeze..... had my weigh in last wednesday morning and up to yesterday the scales had not moved an inch.... but this morning they've moved 2lbs.... i know its nuts but you get dissappointed with little amounts of weightloss coz the results of the first week are fab.... but i know one thing... if i hadnt started this i would still be sitting on my fat behind doin nothing and losin nothing... so chin up and i have got to stop hopping on the scales..... just cant resist... good luck with your weigh in squeeze!
Thankyou everyone!!! after weigh in tomorrow ill be taking my measurements too so even if i aint lost much weight maybe iv lost the inches :) i lost about 5lbs in the few days after weigh in last week so hopefully if i lose a pound over night tonight i will still have reached my first stone in 2 weeks! will let everyone know tomorrow :) thanks for all your support! was feeling really down earlier but feeling great again now :) xx
Hi Sqeeze, I feel exactly the same, it took me 2 weeks to lose what you lost in one, i realise this is because of my size, but there are people smaller than me who are losing more ( e.g Champer's) ha, hope you don't mind me mentioning you honey. Its soooooo frustrating when you see the massive weight losses on here, I guess we are all built differently xx
Champers is 5'4" and so will have a higher base metabolic rate than you at only 5'. This may explain her greater losses when compared to your own as she will naturally require more calories to fuel her fundamental body functions than you do.

And Squeeze, I was the same in week 3 - only lost 2lbs - but it picked up again. Looking at people's stats, quite a few have the occasional slow week throughout the course of the diet. Patience girl! All things come to those who wait - and let's face it, we don't really have to wait too long on this diet when compared to SW or WW! You'll get there.
thankyou cate :) i do know i have been a little too hard on myself. I know ill get there, i just get a little impatient sometimes. But i wont let myself get down about any lower losses than expected.. and maybe ill stop putting expectations on myself and remind myself im doing the very best that I can and my body will lose at its own rate :) thankyou for your encouragement and support :) x
Dont be worrying about WI tomorrow, im sure you will have done great!!! Us women retain water at different times of the month too, not just TOTM but in the middle too....
You are doing fantastically well so dont be dis-heartened xx
thankyou katie :) and i know iv done well cuz i just went to the loo and lost my pyjama bottoms half way down the hall!! lol!! Im sure i will be happy with the result as ANY loss is a loss and is more fat falling off me!! have just bought a gorgeous pair of jeans size 16 on ebay so have got them to focus on :) im a size 20 now (was 22 when i started) so got a bit of a way to go.. but i WILL get in those jeans :) he he. feeling positive.. if not a little irritated after a hard old day on the forums!! lol. Im struggling not to make enemies at the moment! and im the most accepting and open person... cant understand why im attracting so much negativity. but all you lovely people keep me here... i love hearing about your journeys and sharing stories. thanks for all your support :) xxx
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Dont worry, you can hold your head high that you have done nothing wrong so dont let it get to you :)

And fingers crossed you will be in those jeans in no time!!!

I bought a pair of jeans in the river island sale about 5 years ago.... size 18 and they still have their labels on them. There is no way that they are a size 18, they have got to be about a 14 as ive had other river island jeans size 18 that have fitted and new look size 18 too.... since i came to canada though god knows what size i am as all the sizes are different here but i brought those jeans with me and they are my goal to get into one day :) They have a big V split on the waist near your butt crack and one day they will look good on me :)
Aw thankyou... Worries me that everyones reading that and thinking 'what a cow' lol. Cuz that's not how it is! So thanks for reassuring me a bit.

Your jeans sound lush.. I know just the type you mean. What I do is measure the waist and hips of smaller clothes and each week measure myself to see how much iv got to lose to get into them! Cuz sizing can be different everywhere. These jeans are 36" waist so I need to lose 4" to get into them and I need to lose 3" off my hips!! And that seems a lot more achievable than the 'weight' it's gonna take. I'm sure you will be strutting your stuff in them before you know it :) you'd probably hate the jeans iv bought... They are jet black super wide flare gothy jeans lol. From a designer of gothic fashion that only go up to 16 so have always drooled over the clothes thinking I'll never own them lol. But iv just bought them wahooo :D and intend to be wearing them by.... End of April :) maybe you will be in yours too by then!! :) x
Lol... hey i dont mind stuff like that.... ive always stayed clear of the baggy, boyfriend style jeans because they make me look even bigger than i am but i look forward to the day :)
See if I wear a slight Bootcut or thinner pair of jeans I just look massive lol. I have a mahoosive bum and a mahoosive pair of booooobs so think I need to balance it all out with some width in the lower leg lol. Iv got bloody chicken calves!!! Why oh why would I have an enormous ass and skinny little shins lol. So unfortunate!!! Ha ha. Slight issues with weight distribution going on. But part of my hopes one day I'll be in a pair of skinny jeans :) x
Lol i know the feeling.....
Ive always worn boot cut jeans which are the best type for my figure, i carry most of my weight around the tops of my legs but i bought some skinny jeans last year as i wanted to wear them inside my ugg boots (coz its so snowy here the bottoms of my jeans always get soggy otherwise) and i thought they looked alright. Until litterally 2 days ago OH filmed me walking around walmart for whatever reason and i look dreadful. Needless to say i wont be buying skinny jeans again for a long time - they are now too big anyway and have to be held up by a very tight belt lol.

Here is to new jeans!!!!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
What im looking forward to is showing off my tatoo just above my backside in lowcut jeans or bikini dobt mind which one! Lol! I had it done about 5 years ago it is huge and very pretty lots of flowers and leaves and the only person to see it is of course my OH. But i want to show it off. It was 2 1/2 hours of torture getting it done! It will come soon. I feel loads slimmer already its sooooo exciting. I keep thinking my aunty had a steady weight loss of a stone a month for 6 months and looks amazing. I walked straight passed her in the pub i didnt recognise her. Her whole face completely changed. So wierd but cool! That will be us girlies very soon!

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