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Hello all, sorry about this but I need a grumble!

I am doing Atkins for 2 reasons, to break my dependence on 'comfort carbs', and to get down to a size 8/10. I know my goal is very slim and I might not get there, and won't push it if my body really seems unhappy about going to such a low BMI.

Atkins (with an eye on the calories) seems to be going well, I've lost a few pounds and about 1.5-2ins off each of bust, waist and hips. But I'm still a bit grumpy because my bottom is still a bit disproportionate and has a way to go before I can wear the jeans I want!

I also feel a bit like I'm learning how to live without carbs, but I'm still thinking about them in the wrong way... I'm currently in the late stages of recruitment for a fab new job, but if I'm totally honest, when I visualise myself celebrating getting it, I picture a burger & chips, and some sweets too! Does this mean I haven't learned anything at all?

Would love to hear from anyone who has a view on this...

So sorry for the rant though, I know I am lucky to be where I am already, just nice to have a good grumble then get on with my (low carb) day! :)
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But you're not big anyway!!! I'd give anything to be a 21 bmi!

I noticed on the Cambridge Diet, people there were discussing what they'll do once they reach goal and most of them were food orientated. Food is a pleasure but there are other things we can get a sense of calm from, have you tried meditation? I meditate and bring nice feelings to me. I also, while in a nice state, say things like, 'I feel happy and content, I ooze happiness ...' etc.:angel09:
I agree with penny that you aren't big at all, but I do understand that you have a goal and you want to reach it. when I was 140 people were telling me that I wasn't big at all but I wanted to be at that time 125 and I did get there with atkins and unfortunatelt because I did celebrate with food and going out and eating like a pig I gain all the weight back, which was 2 years ago. I had lost 50 pounds all together. This time I'm not focusing on food so much and I now have this forum for support.

So no I wouldn't say that you haven't learned anything, that's not true. You just are human. I would say try not to focus so much on food and of reward yourself with a cheeseburger if you want it and not deprive yourself but also remember the hard work it took you to lose the weight. I wouldn't think one day of having a cheeseburger wouldnt be so bad, it's what you do next and control yourself and know that you can't eat like that everyday.
That defeats the object, doesn't it Hellraiser? I mean half the reason we're over weight is the obsession with food. I think what Hooya is trying to overcome is this obsession and find something else that gives her equal fullfilment.

Hope I'm not wrong xx


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Hello all and thanks for your lovely responses! I feel much better already.

PennyJane, you're absolutely right - I am trying to get away from the emotional connection with food. I don't drink alcohol or smoke, so I think food is my 'thing' to relax or celebrate with...

I guess I have to be realistic as you say morenachica, and know that I can splurge, but needn't keep splurging the next day and the next... otherwise I'll just keep losing and gaining forever!

Maybe meditation or something would be a good idea... though sirloin steak does sound pretty good too!! :D



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Hooya honey, make it a fillet steak, with all the trimmings!

Oh dear, I'm off to make my self a Tuna salad ...
what is it with you women and your bums, I bet you look fine darling.

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Hi, the problem with being on a diet is that everything becomes food oriented. How about taking the cash for the cheeseburger and spending it on something else (makeup!). When you're celebrating, give yourself a couple of hours and a mini makeover - face mask, deep hair condition, paint your nails...unless your male, but whatever floats your boat!
hey thats a great idea bar, giving yourself a mini makeover. But also I see having a cheeseburger only 1 time a month isnt going to kill you if you know that you cant eat like that everyday..

mediation sounds like a good thing hooya..

jim we women wil always be aware of our bodies unfortuately, Im starting to love my body and treasure it by getting back in shape and not eating junk food.
Good for you morenachica.
Same here Laura! I know full well i will celebrate with a big fat chinese all i can eat! There's no point in me saying i won't. I may as well just have it, enjoy it and then get right back on it again afterwards. The way i see it is that i've wanted a chinese for almost 5 months now and not given in so yes it is a reward, no i do not intend on feeling guilty however, the difference is that now i know i need to get back on the wagon afterwards. I feel as though through CD and Atkins i have learnt not only a lot about food in general, the different types etc but also about myself.
The trouble is I never found they tasted as good as I thought they would! Not back then anyway, my first real Chinese after about 6 months of induction left me feeling bloated and awful. I'm not like that now though.
No doubt my stomach will be the same Jim! All those carbs! I remember when i moved over from CD and my body had trouble coping with an omlette! N then i had issues with that curry i made with cauli rice! However, i may try that one again now..
When I eat a lot of carbs now I fart for Britain Claire. :D
I agree with you british claire and laura c. I mean who are we kidding of course after losing weight we want to celebrate with a nice dinner or splurge a bit. But the difference this time is that we know that we can't eat like that everyday.

laura c I'm like you now after being on a low carb diet there are somethings that i think I'm not even going to touch after I've lost my weight. I read everything now and I mean everything. That's the good thing about this diet. I'm going on holidays in 3 weeks and I have made up my mind that I'm going to eat low carb, steak grilled chicken salads and etc.. there's no excuse why I shouldn't be able to stick to this while I'm on vacation and i will. I know I will give myself oneday a month where i can eat what I want and the other days stay with maintence and watch what I eat and stay within my carb range or switch over to calorie counting one or the other, but I will not gain this weight back. I'm too close to 130 and I'm not looking back.

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