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Guess what guess what......


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Well done!:D


What is this fastest fingers in the west :8855::8855::8855:

Yeah it is a great feeling ... considering that 10 weeks ago they wouldn't even go up my thighs eeek! now they glide!


Just follow the plan
PMSL, well done hun!
Brilliant. I'm envious of you but can't wait for the huge rush that you must have got from your jeans fitting.

Do you have a target outfit? Like something you want to lose weight to get in? I have a black dress I bought about 5 years since that is a size 18 and has never fit me and it is a gorgeous dress. Being a LBD it is still in style so I am hoping to get in to that.
I am absolutely delighted for ya but darn jealous as well :) it must be such a great feeling!! Can't wait until I fit in my jeans again even if they are a size 20.
I do have a pair of brown jeans that I brought oh a long time ago and I really really want to get into those again.

But think they are far off yet... but I am not giving up hope!!!

You are all so kind... and it is great as it spurs me on even more... don't know what I would do without you lot... well I do....

A strong stool and a light flex :8855:


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
woot wooot thats great news Treats i have bought a brand new pair of size 12 jeans in the hope that in another 2 month they may fit so wish me luck too XXXXXX

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