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  1. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Long story short: I did Cambridge in 2009/10 and it worked a treat!
    quick results and Ketosos hype. Loved it.
    Life moved on: got married, had a baby, changed jobs - happy days...
    unfortunately put on lots of weight while being pregnant. Don't worry, they said, you'll breastfeed and loose all your weight. Right? Nope.
    Stayed at home with my LO for a year, didnt have energy, willpower or even time to think abt dieting. Now back to full time job so time is still an issue. I need smthg which would fit with my busy life. Being a working mum is the most demanding job in the world, So the diet needs to support my lifestyle not to be an additional burden.
    Since I moved I had to find a new Consultant, I think I stroke gold here. Whereas my previous one was OK, the new one in comparison is outstanding. She is full of energy, outgoing and cheerful but at the same time she listens and is very proactive. She also sends me daily bunch of emails with all kind if tools and information available. Plus I can relate to her as her story is fairly similar to mine: my kinda girl. so far so good: definitely rearing to go.

    So I got weekly supply, doing Step 2. I was meant to start on 1st Sep (tomorrow) but I thought, what the heck, I'm focused, I'm ready, I'm in the right place mentally (so I think!) I will start it there and then. So today was my first day. Kept gazzling my water and had my shakes (12:30, 16:00, meat with brocoli (steamed) at 19:00 and my last shake (21:00). Prepared my weekly food batch for one little meal for the whole week: salmon & brocoli (steamed). Two packs in the fridge - 5 frozen. It's easier as I seem to enjoy the same food for weeks in the end :)
    No headaches (as yet). some difficult moments between18:00-20:00 but hubby & family fully supportive so survived. Unlike the last time, I told absolutely everyone I know I'm doing CD. There is no way out now! Especially that I know there are few quite sceptical.. Have to prove them wrong! LOL
    Planning to go to sleep earlier just to survive remaining few hours. Dreading next three days as until Keto kicks in I'd be vulnerable. But I know I can do it and I will not let go of my dream. My plan is 12 weeks, no cheating - 100% discipline. More of the mind game than a diet. Wish me luck!
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  3. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Best of luck to you, I'm also back on plan after faffing around, losing and gaining the same weight numerous times. On day four today and just thankful I got through the weekend.
    It will get easier, you've done it before so you know what to expect (not sure if that's a positive!)
    Good luck and keep going.

    Anne xx
  4. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Thanks Anne! Game is on!

    Day two. Still waiting for terrible side effects. General triedeness kicked in but slogish feeling keeps switching to long awaiting buzz feeling. Back & forth. It's lurking in the background & I'm waiting for Ketosis to emerge. Feeling cold at times but that's ok, I know it is only an interim phase.

    1st shake at 12:30...chocolate orange. Thanks got for CD shaker - it's a life saver at work. Had my 2 liters of water by 12:00.. Good I can have coffee & some herbal teas, otherwise it would have been very very though.
    Onwards & upwards. If I survive second day I will be 50% through my first goal: 4 days - 100%.

    One day at a time...

    Fingers crossed for today.

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  5. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Good girl! I'm doing more of a ss - ss+ kinda thing at the mo. I'm having skimmed milk as I can't function without my tea but one pint literally lasts me a week, and if I'm starving I'll have some cold meat or a boiled egg etc so I'll see how having the extra bit affects my losses.
    Been ok today, hungry this morning but it passed without me diving into the fridge. See how tonight goes when I'm cooking tea. Eeeek!
    Onwards and upwards. Stay strong.

    Anne xx
  6. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Im doing Step 2..
    Day 3! Ketosis kicked in. That's what I waited for.
    Now aiming for 100% first week. One day at a time!
    How are you doing?

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  7. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    I'm actually doing ok. Day 5 for me now, I'm in ketosis but still getting the odd hunger pang, mainly in the evening when the family are tucking in. A couple more days and I should be into the zone.
    I'm trying to concentrate on two week blocks. I've got a wedding on the 13th and then a butlins girlie weekend two weeks after that. The wedding I think I can cope with, even though it's an overnight stay, I'll just do diet coke and eggs and bacon for breakfast. The girls weekend will be a write off but planning on getting back to the diet as soon as we're back.
    Small steps I'm hoping will keep me focused. Eye on the prize, etc!
    How are you doing overall - feeling positive?

    Anne xx
  8. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    i like the idea of the week blocks: it breaks it up in smaller managable bites.

    I help myself with lots of visuals. I just printed out 49 stars in weekly columns to stick to the fridge. Each day will be crossed over given it's 100% (why would that be different anyway?) :) I plan the treat for succesful completion: fab day at the SPA. I'm on the look out for good deal on Grupon.
    That's my 7 weeks strategy. I guess once I've done 7 weeks sheer results should drive me for the next 5. Right?

    Really it's down to taking one step at a time.

    Day 3 for me was brilliant. Unexpectedly must admit as I prepared myself for the worst. It looks I've managed to cross over to the Ketosis happy land and now I need to stick to the routine. I had my Mango (loooooove it), chicken & mushrooms and butterscotch - happy with those flavours. I added small piece of salmon with brocoli (all steamed) for dinner and I'm done for today. I batch prepare my food for a week (something I picked up while doing clean eating for a while) so really no hassle with cooking but still getting my carefuly chosen food intake. The more I plan and prepare in advance the less likely is that I will be tempted with anything else.

    I have my little one's Bday next Sat so there is a potential for a failure but the thought of going through another 3 (might not be so lucky next time round) terrible days should be an effective deterrent.

    Looking forward to my day four: especially knowing that I'm getting my Mango flavoured treat.
  9. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Last night went surprisingly easy. I even drove the other half to the chipshop to collect kebab and chips. I had to drive home with all the windows down and him moaning about his precious cargo getting cold as I found the smell horrendous. Can't believe I used to eat that crap!
    I know what you mean about the visuals. I have a two months printed out that I cross off daily with little smiley faces. It's a wonder I've not got a sticker chart for good behaviour. I'm actually becoming a little obsessive.
    My youngest child (only son) moves into his own house on Friday so this weekend should be busy which of course helps. I'm planning on gutting his bedroom and having a good sort out. Obviously not worried about empty nest syndrome am I? Haha.
    Anyway, it's a new day, enjoy the mango, and good luck. We can do this.

    Anne xx
  10. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Good luck today Anne!

    It sounds like your weekend will be active - that's good. Anything what takes your mind off the plan!

    I'm on day 4. Yesterday was fantastic. All day on the high :)
    Had a slight wobble at night b5 going to bed as this is my most vulnerable time anyway. Had a few frozen boiled prawns, sucking them until ready to be eaten. I have to be careful at night time as I would normaly had 85% of my daily food intake after 9pm. I might need to go to bed earlier tonight.
    Scale is very nice to me but I dont get excited over first week big loss. Technically we are able to lose 1lb every other day on this diet so anything below or above is just our body getting used to running on fat.
    Plus I know the moment we start introducing carbs again our body will replenish its glucose levels to what it consider normal, hence we'll all be putting those first "lost" additional lbs. It's a science - not a human failure. We shouldn't attempt to fight with biology.

    Day 4, apart from slight expected headache all seems to be quite uneventful. I'm guzzling my water like there is no tomorrow. I should really move my desk near the ladies toilet! To make my water binge slightly more exciting I treated myself to the Bobble water bottle. Apart from looking nice I don't think it's worth the money but being a visual person: I like the look of it and it looks nice on my desk. Women, eh? My hubby, practical one, would have laughed his head off hearing my reasoning so for above reasons I won't share. Bottom line is whatever works for you.
    I'm waiting with my first shake until 12:00 and it will indeed be mango one.
    I hope your day 5 is going well. Goid luck! We WILL do it!
    Catch up shortly!


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  11. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    I've had a cheeky look on the scales (well lots more than one if I'm honest) and they are being favourable but as you say I'm not overly excited just yet as I know it's water and glycogen. Next week will be the one!

    Anne xx
  12. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    I think we lose max 3lbs each week on average so whatever loss on the scale achieved next week that's going to be one which truly reflects our changing bodies. You sound motivated and definitely understand this diet: you'll be at your goal very soon!

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  13. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    I'm a loooonnng way from goal but every day I stay focused is an achievement for me. I will definitely be a lot nearer to it by Christmas.

    Anne xx
  14. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    You might think you are long way from your ultimate goal. Splitting it into smaller achievable blocks makes a world of difference. Keep going, every day brings you closer where you want to be. Isn't wonderful?
    Sending you lots of positive vibes xxx

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  15. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Day 4 done & dusted. I'm sure it will have to get more difficult. So far it's a smooth ride.
    I killed my time at work today by creating my weight loss tracker spreadsheet. Being a visual person all tools as such help me remain focused. Assuming we're losing 1lbs every other day on average I calculated my predicted loss for the entire 12 weeks and I like what I'm seeing. So far my loss is ahead of calculations purely because of the first week deceitful crazy loss but that's OK as it gives me an extra piece of mind for slower weeks.
    Bring on day 5! Let it meeeeelt!

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  16. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    I'm actually finding it bearable, the odd wobble but stayed strong. Got a fridge full of chicken and hard boiled eggs for weaker moments, hopefully the odd bit of protein in the evenings won't slow me down too much.
    I have an incredibly busy weekend coming up so that will help.
    My first weigh in this morning. Not too excited as I already know what I've lost and I know it's mainly fluid. I'm liking the results so far though, can feel a difference in clothes already. Yeah!
    Good luck for today.

    Anne xx
  17. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Day 5 and I'm getting into my little routine. Up after 6:30. Drive to work 7:20 - 8:15 (schools started and it takes longer) coffee in the car. In the office: herbal tea and then coffee keeps me foing until 12:30. No cravings. 12:30 first shake and another at 15:30. I usualy do my 2liters of water before the first shake! Coffee or tea before drive home. Small meal: salmon & brocoli between 6:30-8:30 depending how I feel. Little one in bed so I have last shake after 9:00. As I'm evening eater I keep frozen boiled prawns for the last "snack" if I'm getting wobly. Few prawns before the bed make a world of difference to me.
    Day 5 - here I come.
    I'm wearing the dress today which I couldnt zip up week before. It feels comfortable today. Me looooves it!

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  18. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Had my first weigh in this morning, it's a day early as I can't make it tomorrow. I lost 9-1/2lbs, I'm thrilled but not jumping up and down as I realise that it's not all fat at this stage. I am however over the moon after trying on a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in nearly 2 years and they actually looked ok!
    Not sure if it's all in the mind but I definitely feel smaller. Lol.
    Hope you're staying strong, you sound completely in the zone.

    Anne xx
  19. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    That's impressive loss! keep it up!
    And nope, not just in your head; I'm wearing the dress today which since I bought it never managed to zip up... Until today that is! Happy girl!

    Day 6 nearly over...I'm completely in the zone and I pacing myself as there are still 11 weeks ahead. Tomorrow first weigh in and I'm glad I have my first week under my belt.
    How is everything in your world Anne? I hope all is good!
    That's my first week so far by the scale: ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1409944248.991577.jpg ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1409944261.478024.jpg ImageUploadedByMiniMins.com1409944272.717812.jpg

    What not to like about Cambridge?

    That's my starting weight:


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  20. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Hi ladies can I join you ? I lost 4.5 stone on cambridge in 2010 and was pretty good at staying smaller (give / take a stone-holiday lbs). I always come on here when in weight loss mode as find the support fantastic
    Unfortunately I have had a tough 6 months and mortified to put on over 2.5 stone ! This after major pigging out,am totally disgusted in myself ( I will always remember it as the "2014 blip" )

    In general with weight loss , if I'm in the right mind/ losing weight zone; I am pretty good at sticking to it and achieving good loss.
    I have been very much "in the zone" for the past 3 weeks and given dukan diet a shot for the first time ever. Found it easy to stick to and follow but weight loss not great :( in three weeks I lost 8lbs (6 of them were in the initial week). So hence why I'm returning to what I know best and what works for me !

    I want to get back to the magic 10stone ,currently I'm 12.9-4. So about 37lbs to shift

    Plan to ss/ss+/810 from Monday. Going to see how I find it on the convert over. I'm already drinking 3l water a day do that won't be a problem. I can't imagine any massive water losses to start with as I already dropped water weight on dukan , will have to watch, wait and see......

  21. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Welcome purple! The more the merrier! Plus your stats and the goal is similar to ours!
    I found CD the only diet which works for me, and trust me, I tried most of the main stream ones. You never get as much support as you do while on CD. I know it works I only have to stick to it! Being in the zone definitely helps,
    I had my first weigh in today and....9lbs lost in my first week.
    I kniw it's expected to be this big in the first week but most def makes for a nice motivation. Now that brings me closer to my first stone loss. Next three weeks I need to lose another 5lbs and I'm there. I'm braci g myself for a slow week 2 but if achieve 3lbs I will be over the moon!
    Downwards and onwards! Good day to you all xx

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