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*Gulp* Pregnant??


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I need advice from all you ladies who have been pregnant....

.....I've had quite a few people lately tell me they think I could be pregnant....I've been feeling really nauseous, sensitive to smells, really emotional and my boobs are growing!!

I'm on the progesterone only pill, so don't have periods anyway, so don't know if I've missed a period or not. Is it even possible to get pregnant while on the pill??

I know I should probably just do a test but didn't want to waste my money if these symptoms are just systematic of someting else. I'm also quite scared :eek: xx
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Having been pregnant 4 times and 2 of those happening whilst on the pill.... it definately sounds like you could well be!!

I'd recommend getting one of a supermarket own brand tests... they are a lot lot cheaper and exactly the same if not better than some branded ones, i.e. tesco do single tests for £3!!

Do the test and let us know how you get on...

Good Luck x
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Well don't want to alarm you too much but I fell pregnant on the pill twice

I only have to be near sperm and I fall

Hence hubby had the snip straight after number 2 baby!

Buy a test

Even a cheapy one will work

And yes your symptoms are preggy ones LOL but could also be nothing :)
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How long have you been on this pill ? some of what you describe could be side effects of the pill but they usually settle down after a few months. But it still may be worth doing a test
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Yep, I fell for my son while on the pill lol! Do it do it!!!! x
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I fell pregnant on the pill hun so it is possible the only way to know for sure is to do a test or go DR's and get them to do one as its free x
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Def sounds like you could be....

I am planning on ttc in about 3 weeks time (just trying to lose a stone quickly before we start!) and did ask one of the CDCs on here - KD - about the plans when being pregnant. You can't do any of the CD plans if you are pregnant.

I have also done a little bit of research and if you are pregnant, and in ketosis, you are taking a risk. So you really do need to find out so you can come off the diet asap to ensure you and your baby are healthy.

You can buy a two pack of tests from 'Savers' chemist for £1!! If you are pg it should still work even though it is cheap!

Hope you get the answer you want...
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Oh, forgot to say....

KD also said she has known a lot of ladies to get pregnant on CD. Not sure why... Can only assume that as you lose weight your fertility improves (or maybe you need to find something to do with all the time you used to spend eating ;))
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Thinking of you hun. Hope you are ok and happy with the result, whichever way it goes. I remember doing mine and it was the most nervewracking few mins of my life, but lovely in a wierd way. Hope you have your OH there with you for support. Big hugs xx


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Oooh I'm on tenterhooks now!!


needs a real kick in the
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hiya, i'd get that test to put your mind at ease, but if you havnt had a period for a year whilst being on progesterone only pill, chances are your not ovulating, the more someone says you may be pregnant the more pregnant you feel, dont get me wrong when i was pregnant with my son i knew 2 wks b4 i was due on and b4 test would read pos. but i have also had phantom pregnancies where my tummy has expanded over night had sickness, metal taste and really sore boobs, done a test , negative and within hours back to normal. so yes im affraid is the only way to go. if you think you are and would only be 3-4 weeks, you need a first response, its in a pink box, 2 for about £10 usually, if you do one tonight and its negative you should still do another in morning, the hcg level is usually clearer with the first wee x
good luck xx


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I am another one who has a daughter concieved whilst on the pill (and I never used to beleive people who said they had) !!!

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