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Gum abscess and ear problems

big bear

A bear on a mission!
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I've been in agony with my ear & teeth/gums. I got my ear syringed today but it's no different. I also had a dentist appointment & I've an abscess in my gum. Both are on the same side.

Could the abscess be affecting my hearing as I still can't hear very well from it even after syringing?
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Oh you poor thing xxx Yes, I should think that an infection in your mouth could easily travel into your ear causing pain and loss of hearing - sounds like you need some antibiotics - can you get an appt anywhere tomorrow?

Hope you feel better soon xxx


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:( yes it can and I bet it's blooming painful

I hope they've started you on Antibiotics as you'll need those before they can do much with it .....

I hope you get sorted soon ...

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thanks my lovelies, yeah I've got antibiotics. I just hope the pain starts to ease soon. XX


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big bear - I had exactly the same thing about a month ago. I'd go further than bloomin' painful but it would get almost certainly get censored lol.

For the pain try some liquid ibuprofen capsules - they were the only things that eased it for me. The ones by Anadin worked the best. Designed for back pain really but my dentist reckoned they are the best things for tooth pain too.

Has the dentist said what the cause of the abscess is? You need to get to the root of it (forgive the pun!) or it will just keep recurring - mine did for 6 months. So sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

Hope you get it sorted soon.
I had it about 3 months ago-felt like my head would burst!Really feel for you . I used nurofen express until the antibiotics worked. Chill out and hope your better soon-its horrible xx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thank you. I have to have the tooth removed next Thurs so hopefully that'll be the end of my pain..well when I get over having my tooth taken out lol XX

Wish I could take it easy but have the baby & my 2 year old to look after so been very hard work the last few days. Pain/sickness doesn't stop work for us Mums X


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Yes I've had similar, and they are linked!

It may take best part of a week for relief to kick in with the antibiotics, but then relief is blessed!

Do take the full course though - even if it appears to be "fixed"



Trying - very!
S: 105kg C: 77.1kg G: 74.4kg BMI: 27 Loss: 27.9kg(26.57%)
Sound advice Steve - and yes mine took 7 days for the pain to subside and yes I lost the tooth too! If you've got a good dentist then the extraction should be pain free. Just take some pain killers for 24 hours after if you need to.

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