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Gutted - advice needed


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Well hello girls. Had a bit of a rough time of it lately. Had been doing CD for two and a half weeks but hadn't been feeling great. Now I know why. On Monday, ended up in hospital and was diagnosed with a DVT - blood clot in my leg. Have had to come off CD immediately as I am now on Warfarin and I'm just gutted. Can feel myself getting fatter by the day and I'm just totally at a loss about what to do next. I'm home now and being visited by nurses every day and slowly getting better but any advice on how to not go off the rails. Is the CD 1200 a good option, or should I consider doing a different diet? Obviously a VLCD is out of the question now. :cry:
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Sorry to hear of your bad leg - it must have been a bit scary. Not really sure what to suggest - perhaps a CDC will reply and advise you. Have you spoken to your own CDC? If you have to come completely off CD for now you could always try a low carb diet like Atkins which will stand you in good stead when you return to CD. You will return to CD wont you??!! ;)

Get well soon:)

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I have been in the same situation as you. I was on Warfarin for a DVT - but only for 6 months. The time flies honestly. I believe the advice (from Lighter Life in my case) was that you had to be off Warfarin for 6 months before re-starting a VLCD.

Whilst I waited I made sure I had a healthy diet, mainly following the GI principles.

I am sure you have had the lectures, but please be very careful with your diet whilst on Warfarin. There are certain foods you need to avoid/be very careful with as they will affect your INR.

Good luck and don't be hard on yourself.


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Thank you - appreciate the responses. My CDC wasn't too helpful to be honest - but meeting her next week to discuss the 1200 option. Just wondering if anyone else here has just done that and been successful?


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Hope you get well soon chick xx


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If I was in your situation I'd do weight watchers until you're allowed to do CD again. The losses are slower, but they're still losses. Poor you :(


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Sorry to hear that, hope the DVT gets better soon. How about Rosemary Conely? You get a meeting each week where they'll do weigh ins, give you an eating plan for that week based on where you're at, and then there's a 45 minute exercise class, usually aerobics.