Gutted gained 2 pounds in week 3


S: 22st8lb C: 20st2.5lb Loss: 2st5.5lb(10.6%)
Hi this is my first post, great website been browsing it for a couple of weeks :D

Im totally gutted, last week I stuck to extra easy 100% and gained 2 pounds :cry: On a positive note ive lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

This week im going to avoid extra easy. I suspect I didnt eat enough veg, but now I have stopped sulking I have to move on.

Today I have decided to do a red day and would appreciate your advice on my choice (am I eating too much, not enough or just right)

Breakfast 7.00am
1/2 grapefruit and 2 boiled eggs

Snack 10.00am

Lunch 12.00
Tuna Salad with 2 mini baby bells (HEA)
Hifi Bar (6 Syns)

Snack 15.00

Tea 18.00
Slo Slo Chicken (Red book recipe, carrots, onions, chicken stock and tarragon)
Runner beans, peas (HEB) and carrots
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S: 18st0lb C: 14st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 30.4 Loss: 3st4lb(18.25%)
Sounds like a well balanced meal day to me. Don't worry too much about a gain in there - it can happen for all sorts of reasons, and the fact your total weight loss is 10lbs in only 3 weeks tells it's own story - you must be doing something right.
The weight loss thing is probably better measured on a monthly basis rather than weekly at class to get a true indication of where our weight is going, as it fluctuates too much over the short term for one week to be truly meaningful.
Stick to it and keep going with your plan! ;)


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On red days you have 2 hea's and 2 heb's so you could have the hi-fi bar as a heb instead of syns, or have potatoes with your evening meal.
I think it looks like very little food TBH, I eat more than this.


S: 22st8lb C: 20st2.5lb Loss: 2st5.5lb(10.6%)
Thanks, what else would you suggest that I eat?

Didn't think I could have hifi bar as HEb on red or green days as it's not listed on the red or green pages for HEb


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The book only gives a sample of the HEs that you can have - there is a full list on the SW website but yes you should be having two HEBs and either 1 or 2 HEAs on the red plan.

I agree with eternity that you are not eating a lot. I would be chewing my arm off come lunchtime if I only had that in the morning. So I would suggest a larger breakfast - on red you could have a full english if you wanted - to kickstart your metabolism. And more syns. Aim for 10 to 15 every day.

For an average woman to lose weight they say she should consume around 1400 calories a day and that if you get below 1000 losses slow down as your body trues to conserve energy. As you have a lot to lose your minimum level will be higher than 1000 calories. I've never calorie counted so couldn't say where your menu plan would come on the scale but quite low I think.

That said a sudden gain can be due to any number of things, most notably time of the month in women.


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Aww, don't give up hon. 10lbs over 3 weeks is great- it averages at 3.33lb per week which is more than the average 1-2lb. It's hard not to take these little gains to heart but keep going, you'll get there! :)