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Gutted :(

Hi only weighin on weighin day(I dont and it makes it worse) this is as sometimes the body wont let go of lbs until the day of weigh.

Hi Ive done ww many times and know it can take a while to learn the plan if you havent done it before,is it new for you?

Is it your totm?
Did you weigh and measure everything?
Have you drank water?

I lose slow,I started off fast but its slow and Ive alot to lose xx
This is the first time iv done ww. I didnt measure myself when i started tho. Iv drank more than i normally do but not loads. not sure about totm i never know lol. I just feel like i have tried really hard! Ill see what happens on wed and try harder next week i guess.


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Don't feel too bad- It can take a while to properly get into the swing of things. Don't be fooled that everyone is going to lose 10lbs in their first week. Some people only lose 2 or 3lbs, everyone is different, but it also depends on your starting weight too! If you start off lower in weight you don't get the massive boost some people get in their first week. It is only Monday though, so chin up!


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Thats the thing with weighing more than once a week, our weights fluctuate ALOT and can give you a false reading. Im a hypocrite, I weigh myself all the time but I know pretty much any gain I see is just water weight...If you stick to your points, drink plenty of water and stay active, this WILL work. I weighed myself the night before WI, and the following morning I was 3lbs lighter. Try not to worry too much about what the scales say. Get your tape measure,, measure your bust, waist, hips, thighs and round the tops of your arms. Even if the scales show little or no movement, you'll be surprised at the inches you'll lose, promise! xx


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As has been said it is not a good idea to weigh at home, however tempting it is.

Keep on tracking, follow the plan and you will lose weight. Our bodies dont always do what we think they should but keep on plodding away and the pounds will come off.

Hope the weigh in goes well for you tomorrow, let us know how you get on

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