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guys, anyone else lose weight SLOWLY even though they ss 100%?


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hi guys, I'm so sorry to sound so glum.

I was just wondering if anyone else lost their weight or is losing their weight SLOWLY??

I am coming to the end of week 3, I have been ss'ing 100%, no cheating what so ever!!! Since week 2 I have been using the cd bars, so I have one shake, one bar and one soup per day along with my 4 lts of water, and that is IT.:cry: SORRY, I FEEL UPSET ABOUT THIS TODAY.

I decided not to weigh myself during the week because it was gettin me down that the scales hardly ever moved...(I would weigh at the same time each day before water in take). So after not being weighed for 5 days I jumped on the scales this morning to find that I have lost between 1 & 2 lbs, I get weighed on Monday evening so I know I have 2 days left but I dont see that it will make a difference....not that much anyway.

I must be eating 5 times less cals per day than before I started cd, surely I should be losing more than this??? Why am I only losing the minimum expected??

I see that there are cders out there who even when they cheat they lose more than me :( am I doing something wrong?? No, I think not.

Any suggestions please, I really want to stick to cd as it's taking food out of my life for a bit and although this is hard I think I need to do it.

Please help :cry: xxxxxx
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Hiya mate

You have to remember everyone loses weight at a different rate, and men tend to lose faster than women :mad: You have lost 12 lbs in two weeks which is fabulous - the average is a stone per month and you are well on your way to beating that in your first month!!! :bliss:

Stay true to the programme and you will get the results you want but (a) stop comparing your loss to other people - it is self-defeating and will demotivate you, and (b) hide the scales for a bit!

Ok? :hug99:


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cheers D_Q, I was just about to come on and appologise for being so glum....so, sorry guys...I just wish I was losing it quicker. I feel a bit better now. I'll stop comparing losses now, deffo dosnt help me. xxx


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Hi, yes my weight loss has slowed down this week. Third weigh in tomorrow and I have lost 1.5 lb, the scales have'nt changed for 5 days. Mind you TOTM 2 days late and driving me mad so maybe that's the reason? Or it could be the sandwich I ate Thurs eve (sorry DQ!!), and was out of ketosis all yesterday.
Hi Sophia


You're doing really well!!!!

You still have 3 days to weigh in, and anything can happen in that time.

My losses were never very high, they seemed to go 3lb one week then 4lb the next. I know some of the girls seem to lose 5 and 6lb a week, but maybe that's to do with how much weight we need to lose.

Stick with it, a 3lb loss in one week is excellent. I've yoyo dieted for years and tried every diet imaginable:eek: Most of the other diets only lasted a couple of weeks and I only seemed to shed 1lb at a time weekly, which really demotivates you.

We're all here for you, don't apologise for having a moan, we've done it;)

Take care

When I did CD I used to stay the same for about 5 days in a row then suddenly drop, I have no idea why. You will lose, I guarantee it. I averaged the 1 stone a month they promise, much less than many I know but it is a quicker weight loss than you will get any other way. Well done for staying firm and not cheating, those demon scales will budge soon.


Queen of the Damned
Mind you TOTM 2 days late and driving me mad so maybe that's the reason? Or it could be the sandwich I ate Thurs eve (sorry DQ!!), and was out of ketosis all yesterday.
TOTM can be a real booger for messing with your head. As for the sarnie :whoopass: young lady!!
I was similar to you. I lost 9 in the first week, 5 in the 2nd but then it slowed to 1.5 or 2lb for the next 4weeks. I was devastated, wanted to give up! :( Then it suddenly took off during my AAM week and I lost 4.5, then 5.5, then 4 again, so a stone in 3 weeks. It's kept pretty speedy since then. 44ish in 11wks, so averaging at 4lb per week.
Anyway, the point of my ramblings is just to say, I know how it feels and keep going it will shift.... give your body time.....it's so new and different, just a little adjustment time and you'll be away!

Hi S-J .... I was like this a few days ago and I'm not as far into the diet as you. Had weighed myself on home scales and persistently stayed at 7lbs for days..... went to my WI and actual loss was 12lbs - have decided to go with CDCs scales only as home ones disillusion me!

Like you, I was also comparing my loss to others and still finding it hard not to do that but as me CDC said (she's brill!), your body is probably wondering what the hell you're doing to it lol! Take care and hope you're back to your normally bouncy personality really soon.

Trudz xx
I had that trouble, although I was only taking 3 packs, I am 5'8 and apparently should have 4 and they do this with lighter lifes too, as soon as I added the four my weight the very next day had started to fall off.
Hope this is of some help to yOU!:p


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I will only ever lose 3lbs a week regardless of how perfect I am with the diet.

It's like my body knows that I'm to lose 14lbs in a month and that's what it does. No more, occasionally a bit less, but that's just water retention.


Cambridge Counsellor
I must be eating 5 times less cals per day than before I started cd, surely I should be losing more than this??? Why am I only losing the minimum expected??
You've hit the nail on the head. You're losing what's expected. Which is good. That means you're losing around a stone a month, which is what the average is on the diet.

Try to look at the bigger picture, you will lose around a stone a month. Which is fantastic. Try not to aim for more than that, because we don't always get it. I certainly don't. Sure I see people who do, but most really get the average and that's it.
Hi Sophia

Hope you're feeling a bit better about things. You are doing really well and you've still got a couple of days before you weigh in so you could surprise yourself.

I know it's very easy for me to say as I've not even done two weeks yet but I would try to avoid weighing yourself at home at all, there is probably a difference between your scales and your CDC's scales anyway so why potentially upset yourself for no reason.

Also, can I just say I always see you sending motivating and reassuring posts to everyone on here so you are more than welcome to post a 'glum' message every now and again and you shouldn't apologise for it. That's what I really like about this site, everyone supports each other through the good and bad!
When i first started CD i started off with low losses but from week 3 my losses were about 3-4lbs every week. Your low losses could be due to your body getting used the diet but if you stick to SS religiously, like you say you are doing, i am certain that you will have good losses in the weeks to come.

What i also found was that i started to have better losses when i had less water. At first i was having about 4 litres a day but then when i went down to 3 litres, i was losing more and felt less bloated. Maybe you could experiment with your water intake and see if that helps. Alot of people say that if you drink more you will lose more weight but in my opinion everyone is different and so what works for others may not work for you.

I think your losses will definatley pick up. You are doing so well sticking to SS and if you continue SSing 100% you will have success.

I know exactley how you feel about feeling glum. I was so miserable and upset when i lost 2 lbs in week 2. I felt that the diet was not worth me giving up food completely if i am having losses that i could get by doing diets that involve food. But after a good cry i knew that i had to do this because its was my only chance to lose weight.

Stick with it sweetie, i know you can do it :) xx

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