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GymClassHero's Diary 2010 LETS AVE YA!

Well, this is my first entry into my diary for my new challenge.

Im off on me jollies to a 5* swanky hotel in Sri Lanka on 30th November so i need to make sure i look my best to keep up apperances with all the skinny posh folk :p

Well im nearly 6 weeks post op from my tummy tuck and i braved the gym for the first time today and it was FANTASTIC! I loved every second of it and i am so glad that i can exercise again, its given me a new boost of confidence and im super motivated at the moment.

My challenge is to lose 1lb each week between now and my holiday so by my calculations i will lose 15lb and this will put me just under my target - get in!

My fitness challenge is to do 10 hours of moderate/intense exercise each week between now and then. This will be made up of 6 1/2 hours cardio and 3 1/2 hours of weights and toning.

My challenge started today and this co-incides with weigh in day. I've been retaining water due to the cocktail of tablets im on to fight this infection i have from my operation and this has made me gain 1lb tonight. Im not too stressed about it though because i know its the water and will hopefully have a good loss next week.

Food - Red:
B - 3 x egg, 3 x bacon, mushrooms, frylight, 3 x ww brown danish (HEB), 1 1/2 tbsp ketchup (1 1/2 syns), 3 x level 1/2 tspn flora extra light (1 1/2 syns), Coffee, Spelnda

L - Coffee, Splenda, Banana, Cottage Cheese with pineapple (1 syn), melon and strawberries, ww vanilla yogurt

D - Gamon, baked potato (HEB), low fat cheddar (HEA), salad, cottage cheese with pineapple (1 syn), 1/2 sachet sugar free jelly (1 syn)

Snacks - Bag of Butterkist light toffee popcorn (6 1/2 syns), plum, tangerine

Total Syns - 12 1/2

15 mins treadmill
Tricep kickbacks x 90 reps, Tricep Dips x 45 reps, inner thigh machine x 60 reps, Outer thigh machine x 60 reps
15 mins Stairmaster
Seated row x 45 reps, Overhead tricep pull x 60 reps, lateral pulldown x 60 reps, tricep dip machine x 60 reps
15 mins cardio wave
Bent over row x 60 reps, squats with stability ball x 45 reps, tricep push machine x 45 reps
5 mins upright bike

Total Cardio time - 50 mins
Total Weights time - 45 mins

1 hr 35 mins down 8 hrs 25 to go :cool:

Think i'll go again tomorrow and work my chest and biceps along with the cardio.

Had a great day today and even though i have put 1lb on i feel fab and know that once i pass all of this water i will be much better.
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I'm tired just reading that hun, I thought I was doing well going to a body pump class tonight.

Sorry to hear you have an infection, but hopefully its clearing out with the antibiotics and you lose the water you have been retaining.

Your holiday sounds fab, just the motivation you need to keep you going. Good luck with your challenge.
Day 2 of my 15 week challenge and im feeling great in mind but not in body :( I feel like i have been punched in the kidneys and my lower back is so goddam sore. I've since discovered that its one of the effects of those stupid herbal water retention relief tablets i took. Its bloody killing me and i believe is lasts a couple of days.

Was going to the gym today but i can hardly bend over properly because of this pain so i had a nice walk instead and will go tomorrow and do a class and then weights and swim.

I've been kicked in the back at Thai Boxinf and damaged my coxic's (SP?) in the past but never before have i felt such pain.

I've not let it stop me today though, i've been to the trafford centre and bought 3 bikini's - yes 3!!! They are all lovely as well and i got them in Topshop and Monsoon - cant wait to wear them on the beach :flirt2:

Food - Red:
B - 3 x egg, 3 x bacon, mushrooms, 2 x quorn sausage, 192g reduced salt and sugar baked beans (HEB) + (2 syns), frylight

L - Venti skinny sugar free vanilla latte (HEA x 2) + (2 syns), banana, tangerine

D - Lamb leg steak, 198g new pot's (HEB), carrots, green beans, cauliflower, 142 gravy made with granuals (2 1/2 syns), 2 tspns mint sauce

S - Plum, Melon, Strawberries, M&S probiotic vanilla count on us yogurt, Curly Wurly (6 syns)

Total Syns - 12 1/2

40 minutes brisk walk
Great start to the day again today, got up early and hit the gym. Couldn’t make it to combat though because the stupid bus was 20 minutes late :mad: so had to make do with some cardio in the gym instead, but I was cool with that. Don’t want to be pushing myself too hard as I’m still only 6 weeks post op today.

Had a fab workout in the gym and even did some ab work. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be and I’m so pleased I’m not in pain when I’m in the gym. It’s making me really happy so I’m super motivated at the moment. I only took it easy on the weights at pump and lifted about a third of my normal amounts but again I’m fine with that, I just need to build back up slowly.

I’m disappointed with the pump 70 tracks, they are pretty uninspiring apart from the chest track and the Raindrops (encore une fois) ft Sash for the lunges. It’s too ‘rocky’ for me, I need pumpin tunes for body pump! I was in hospital when they launched 70 and was just about getting sick of 69 so was looking forward to the new routine today.

Had a lovely steam and Jacuzzi today after my workout and then sliced my legs to ribbons when shaving in the shower. I’ve not cut myself for years and all off a sudden I got 2 cuts on one leg and 1 on another. The blade must have been blunt or something? :confused::(

Had a nice walk into Town and then home with some very heavy bags! Chuffed at my bargain today as well in Boots, I saved over £40 on Piz Buin sun cream and aftersuns for my hol in November because they were BOGOF. I got specific ones for me and my fiancé as we have different skin types so this was an added bonus too! Had to buy a new nose stud today as well as mine absconded in the middle of the night. I usually wake up with it stabbing me in the face if it’s fallen out but no joy today – maybe one of the cats has pinched it! :p

Food – Red:
B – 2 x weetabix (HEB), 350ml unsweetened soya milk (HEA), banana, blueberries, strawberries, Coffee, Splenda

L – Frylight, King Prawns, Stir Fry veg, Chicken Breast, ½ pack of Blue Dragon sweet soy and roasted red chilli sauce (3 syns), fruit salad with strawberries, orange, melon, grapes and apple, mullerlight.

D – Frylight, Chicken, Stir fry veg, ½ pack Blue Dragon chow mein sauce (2 ¾ syns), Tesco Rice Noodles 100g (7 ½ syns), banana

S – Plum, Tangerine, 2 x warburtons brown bread 400g (HEB), 42g reduced fat cheddar (HEA), Cherry Tomatoes, M&S vanilla fat free count on us yogurt

Total Syns – 13 ¼


30 mins Cross Trainer
Body Pump Class – 60 mins
60 mins brisk walk with heavy bags

Total time – 2 hours 30 mins
Didn't have time to check in yesterday so here is my food and fitness diary for Friday:

Food - Green:
B - 3 x quorn sausage, 2 x egg, mushrooms, frylight, reduced salt and sugar beans in tom sauce, 2 x 400g slices brown bread (HEB)

L - M&S Santini Tomato Salad with 1/2 sachet of dressing (2 1/2 syns), Tomato and Herb Pasta n Sauce with 125ml skim mil (1/3 HEA), tspn flora extra light (1/2 syn), M&S fat free yogurt, curly wurly (6 syns)

D - 2 x quorn peppered steaks, Ainsly Harriot cous cous (1/2 syn), 2 x corn on the cob, mullerlight

S - Tangerine, banana, mullerlight, 2 x Aplen ligh (HEB), 225ml skim milk (2/3 HEA)

Total Syns - 9 1/2

20 mins treadmill
15 mins crosstrainer
25 mins cardiowave
ab crunch machine with weights x 150 reps, rotary torso machine with weights x 120 reps, ab crunches with stability ball x 60 reps, oblique twists with 4kg ball x 90 reps
5 mins bike

Total Cardio Time - 60 mins
Total Weights Time - 20 mins

Total - 1 hour 20 mins
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Been quite busy over the past few days as my mum is ill so i've been looking after her and am just going to record my food and fitness activities for day 5.

On a positive note i thought i would give 2 classes a go as i used to do pre op, 1 after another. I tried and i succeded - wooohoo! Had a lovely steam and jacuzzi after to relax so im really positive and happy i am almost back to normal :cool:

Food - Green
B - 2 x weetabix (HEB), 350ml unsweetened soya milk (HEA), bananam blueberries, strawberries, coffee, splenda

L - Jacket Potato, Beans, Tangerine x 2, plum, mullerlight

D -Steamed River Cobbler (HEB), steamed rice with mushrooms and brocolli, carrots, peas, green beans, 2 x half corn on the cob, 1 x tbsp BBQ sauce (1/2 syn)

S - Pack of french fries (4 1/2 syns), sugar free jelly (1/2 syn), tomato mug shot, Milky Way (6 syns)

Total Syns - 11 1/2


Body Combat - 60 mins (cardio)
Body Pump - 60 mins (weights)

Total Time: 2 hrs
Sunday 9th Aug.

Great day again today, although busy still with looking after my mum. Fiance went out to play football this first thing so i got loads done in terms of housework - at last! Did my food shopping in the afternoon and got some great bargains in Asda, for some reason neary all of the fruit had been reduced even though it was well in date? Took the opportunity to stock up and have loads of fresh berries and melon now for this week - yum, yum!

Took the dogs out for a lovely walk late afternoon and it was really enjoyable as ive not been able to go out with the dogs post op due to having 2 dobermans weighing 9 stone and 7 stone!!! They were really good though and it was nice to join my fiance on the walk for the first time in 6 weeks.

Baked a cake when i got home - i followed Furrystompers coconut cake recipe but my fiance doesnt like coconut so i used almond essence in the sponge and the quark instead and it was gorgeous! We eat the whole cake between us for only 4 syns each - bonus! And here it is....

Watched The Knowing with Nicholas Cage - thought it was great until the end - i wont spoil it for anyone though :rolleyes:

Food - Red:
B - Bacon x 3, Egg x 2, Mushrooms, frylight, 400g brown loaf x 2 slices (HEB), tomato ketchup (1 syn)

L - 4 x ryvita dark rye (HEB), 200g cottage cheese with pineapple (1 syn), 8 x slices of ham, Mango chunks, mullerlight.

D - Sushi pack (7 1/2 syns), 42g low fat cheddar (HEA), beetroot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, onion, raddish

S - Tangerine, banana, plum, 1/2 SW cake (4 syns), 3 x Mikado sticks (1 1/2 syns)

Total Syns - 15


Walk with the dogs 1 1/2 hours
Was busy again yesterday so didnt have time to post my diary so this log is for Mon 10th Aug.

Looked after my mum again yesterday and inbetween managed to make a baked chocolate cheesecake with the recipe from the SW site. It was lovely as well!

Went to the gym as well and did 2 classes, im getting well back into the swing of things now but still cant lift too much for body pump :(

It's my weigh in tonight so hopefully my hard work this week will have paid off but its my * week so i have a feeling:( i will maintain or STS :sigh: I'll have to wait and see.

Cant make the gym today because im waiting for an engineer to come out and look at my fridge because its not cold enough. If he is done and dusted though by 5 i can make Combat for 5.30 and then go to class after.

I'll wait until weigh in and then set my fitness and food goals for the week.

Food - Red:
B - 30g of banana puffs (5 1/2 syns), 350ml unsweetened soya milk (HEA), coffee, splenda, 1/2 mullelight

L - 4 x bacon, 2 x egg, frylight, 2 x quorn sausage, tomato ketchup (1 syn), 2 x slices 400g wholemeal loaf (HEB), mullerlight, banana, plum, tangerine

D - Chicken breast, stir fried peppers, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, beansprouts, mushrooms, onion and cabbage, pad thai sauce (2 syns)

S - 1 x slice SW baked choc cheesecake (6 1/2 syns), 2 x weetabix (HEB), 350ml unsweetened soya milk (HEA), blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, melon

Total Syns - 15


Body Pump - 60 mins
Body Combat - 60 mins
Total Time - 2 hrs

Target - 10 hrs (made up of 6 1/2 hrs cardio and 3 1/2weights/toning)

Actual Result - 11 hrs 35 mins (made up of Total Cardio time this week - 7 hrs 30 mins and Total Weights/Toning time this week - 4 hrs 5 mins)

Well the man who came to fix my fridge arrived at 5pm!!! I couldnt make it to Combat afterall but at least my fridge is now fixed and my food now cold again! I had to keep all my meat, fish and dairy in my mums and had been tooing and froing since sunday when i did my shopping - nightmare!

Im going to be taking the dogs out tomorrow and also going to the gym so i suppose that will make up for the ack of activity today.

Spoke to my boss about my return to work next week and she hasn't even called me back to agree hours :mad: It really annoys me because ive actually been signed off for another 4 weeks but im going back in as i feel tons better and she hasn't even got the courtesy to call me back - mind you this is very typical of her :rolleyes:

Well, week 1 of the Sri Lanka challenge has gone well. I achieved my fitness target and also my WLS target of 1 lb. I would have preferred a bigger loss but it is * week and i normaly STS or gain so the loss is a positive. I've noticed my losses has slowed right down this past 4 weeks so im going to try reducing my syns to no more than 12 daily and see if that has an impact.

Sri Lanka Week 2 Target:
  • To lose 1lb
  • Reduce my syns to no more than 12 per day
  • Eat more superfree foods this week and make soups
  • 10 hrs of exercise made up of 6 1/2 hrs cardio and 3 1/2 hrs of weights/toning.
Food - Red:
B - 2 x weetabix (HEB), 350ml unsweetened soya milk (HEA), banana, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, coffee and splenda

L - Fruit salad with melon, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, apple, mullerlight, 2 x Mikado sticks (1 syn), lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, Omlette made with 3 x egg, ham and mushroom, 42g low fat cheddar (HEA), Salad Cream (1 syn)

D - Cod Fillet, 198g new potatos (HEB), carrotts, cauliflower, green beans, 2 x plum, mullerlight

S - Pack of french fries (4 1/2 syns), 21g bar milky way (5 syns)

Total Syns - 11 1/2

None - Rest day :)

Here's to another good week :D :wavey:
Hey well done on your loss hun.

You are doing so well getting back into the gym so soon after your op.

I'm just back from combat and pump, but didn't really enjoy the combat, went because my sister was going and it was her first time. I know its great for cardio but I got a bit bored. Much preferred the pump class (except the lunges).

Have a good week.
Hey minime, the lunge track is a killer in the new pump, i get a proper quivvering leg by the end of the first set :p There are some boring tracks in combat, like that Tutti Fruti one but our instructor changes them to 2 Muay Thai tracks instead to mix it up a bit!

Well, today i have been looking after a poorly fiance, not swine flu, not man flu but horrific gastro problems yet again! He needs to get this sorted out - why do men never listen?!

Made a lovely sweet potato and coconut soup today and posted the recipe, it was gorgeous and had a really nice kick to it from the chillies and spices. I now have a huuuuge tupperware full in the fridge so thats me sorted for a few days if i do green :p

Been on a lovely walk again with the mutts, got wet and muddy but had a great time so im not too bothered.

Just got back from the gym now and had a bowl of my soup, mmmmm, but ive also just been told my uncle has died. I dont know the full details yet but it was my nan's brother and she only died on 16th June so its so close. My poor mum has to arrange another funeral only 2 months after my nan - its going to be so hard for her :(

Slightly over my target of 12 syns per day but this will average out over the week.

Food - Green:
B - 2 x weetabix (HEB), 350ml unsweetened soya milk (HEA), banana, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, coffee, splends, mullerlight, plum, tangerine.

L - 2 x quorn sausage, 2 x egg, reduced salt and sugar baked beans, mushrooms, frylight, aplle, 2 x mikado sticks (1 syn), mullerlight, 1 x SW baked choc cheesecake (6 1/2 syns)

D - 113g turkey (HEB), Stir fry veg, 200g rice noodles with spring onion (1 syn), 1 x beaten egg, Pad Thai Sauce (1 syn), coconut milk (1 1/2 syns)

S - Bowl of sweet potato and coconut soup (2 1/2), 1 x Mikado (1/2 syn)

Total Syns - 14

3 1/2 mile walk with dogs (roughly 60 mins)
Treadmill - 20 mins
Inner thigh machine x 120 reps, outer thigh machine x 120 reps, thigh extention machine with power plate deep squat intervals x 75 reps - 10 mins
Cardiowave - 25 mins
Seated pully row x 60 reps, Lat pull down x 60 reps, bent over dumbell row x 90 reps, bent over barbell row x 45 reps - 20 mins
Treadmill - 5 mins

Total Cardio time - 1 hr 50 mins
Total Weights/toning time - 30 mins
Well, I've had a bit of a busy day again today. Took the pooches out for a walk again this morning, the sunshine was sooo nice!

Went into Manchester this afternoon for a browse around with my sister. Went into Primark and i had to leave, it was doing my head in. The queue was about 50 people deep at each till and it was swamped with young kids just rifling through everything. I normally only do Primarni in the evening, after 6pm as its open until 8 on a weekday - now i remember why!!

Just got back from the gym, combat was cancelled tonight :mad: i was a bit miffed as the normal instructor has broken her ankle (which we were all aware of on Monday) and the reception have promised us that all classes will be covered. I even double checked before i left last night that pump was on at 6.30 and then combat at 7.30 and all was confirmed. Low and behold - no combat due to 'unforseen circumstances'. It was lucky i was there for pump beforehand otherwise i would have been mad turning up to find out it had been cancelled. I went and did some cardio after instead and the gym was heaving with about 40 regulars who normally do combat, it was a nightmare - couldnt get on any machines :mad:

Food - Green:
B - 2 x quorn sausage, Weight Watchers spaghetti, 2 x egg, frylight, mullerlight, banana, plum, tangerine

L - Starbucks grande skinny latte with sugar free vanilla syrup (HEA x 1 1/3 + 1 syn), melon, grapes, M&S sushi snack (1/2 syn), sweet potato and coconut soup (4 syns), 2 x slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (HEB), plum

D - Jacket potato, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, 28g low fat cheddar (HEA 2/3), salad cream (1 syn), 100g cottage cheese and pineapple (1/2 syn)

S - Chicken mug shot, banana, 2 x mikado sticks (1 syn)

Total Syns - 8

60 mins walk with dogs
Body Pump - 60 mins
Cross Trainer - 10 mins
Treadmill - 10 mins
Cardio Wave - 15 mins

Total Cardio - 1 hr 35 mins
Total Weights/Toning - 1 hr
Friday 14th Aug Diary - had my first alcoholic drink in 3 months last night!!!!!!

Food - Green:
B - Mushroom omlette (3 eggs), frylight, reduced salt and sugar baked beans, 42g low fat cheddar (HEA), banana, tangerine, 2 x plum

L - Sweet potato and coconut siup (2 1/2 syns), 2 x slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (HEB), mullerlight, chicken mugshot, 1 x mikado stick (1/2 syn), 1 x slice SW backed chocolate cheesecake (6 1/2 syns)

D - Jacket potato, 113g turkey (HEB), Ainsley Harriot cous cous (1/2 syn), carrotts, brocolli, sweetcorn, frylight, 42g low fat cheddar (HEA)

S - Glass Rose Wine (5 syns)

Total Syns - 15

45 min brisk walk
Dairy for today - Sat 15th Aug. Had a really busy one today and im about to go to bed because im going clubbing tonight and will be out until tomorrow morning - self control will be a MUST!!

Food - Green:
B - 2 x weetabix (HEB), 350ml unsweetened soya milk (HEA), banana, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, coffee, splenda

L - Banana, coffee, spelnda, tomato and herb mugshot, plum, tangerine, mullerlight

D - 2 x slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (HEB), reduced salt and sugar baked beans, frylight, 1 x egg

Syns - 0 so far as im saving these for gin tonight and will update my syn values tomorrow.

Body Combat - 1 hr
Body Pump - 1 hr

Total Time - 2 hrs

Time remaining to achieve target by tuesday - 1 hr and 20 mins of cardio and 1 hr of weights - happy days :cool:
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Im completely writing yesterday off! I had a major session involving around 8 cans of Red Stripe and a MacDonalds McChicken Samdwich meal, and i went large just so i could get a free coca-cola glass :p

I didnt get in until this morning so ive been festering in bed most of the day and managed to drag myself up at 3.30 so i could do the weekly food shop,

Food - Red:
B - 2 x egg, 4 x bacon, 2 x slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (HEB), frylight, tomato ketchup (1 syn), mullerlight, coffee, splenda

L - Lamb, 198g new potato's (HEB), carrots, 142ml gravy made with granuals (2 1/2 syns), mint sauce, small pot of no added sugar jelly (1/2 syn), small squirt reduced fat spray cream (1/2 syn)

D - Turkey, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, 100g cottage cheese with pineapple (1/2 syn)

S - 4 x Mikado sticks (2 syns), 350ml skimmed milk (HEA)

Total Syns - 7


Does 4 hours worth of stomping to hard techno count? Lol :p
Wow, what a fab diary GCH! You eat really well and do so much exercise, I'm well impressed!
I used to do pump, combat and body balance in the days pre OH but haven't done it for a few years now, I used to love it so much (except the lunges too!!)
Keep up the good work hun. xx
Thanks Jaylou and yes i agree, no matter how long you have been doing pump for the lunges never get easier!

Diary for yesterday Mon 17th Aug:

Food - Green:
B - 2 x quorn sausage, 2 x egg, mushrooms, reduced salt and sugar baked beans, frylight, banana, mullerlight

L - Melon, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, tangerine, mullerlight, pasta n sauce, 125ml skim milk (1/3 HEA), 71g cooked chicken (HEB), Boots Shapers onion rings (3 syns), milky bar (3 syns)

D - 71g cooked chicken (HEB), lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, salad cream (1 syn), Rice, Jacket Potato, cottage cheese with pineapple (1 syn)

S - 2 x plum, coffee, spelnda, 225ml skim milk (2/3 HEA), 4 x mikado sticks (2 syns)

Total Syns - 10

Body Pump - 60 mins
Body Combat - 60 mins

Back at work today and have weigh in tonight so i'll see if my naughty episode on saturday night has had an impact :p
Question re slimming world

Hi there!

I have been able to get the content for SW, but think that I may be missing some information.

For the healthy extras, I have 1 b sheet for original, 1 b sheet for green and 1 a and b sheet for both days - should I have an a sheet for the other 2 as well??

(I dont have the instruations for a choices for original and green days, only for the one marked "both days"...)

Please can you advise.


by the way - I think that your lost is great and hope that I can do the same:)

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