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Had 1st bar y'day, hungry today...


On a mission!
Am I hungry because I had the bar?

I started week 2 yesterday and that was my first bar.

When I think about food, I want it, whereas I haven't been bothered about food for a while.

Just wondering if this is bar related or if it would have happened anyway.
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Will be slim!!!!!!!
hi i dunno the answer to your question as im only on day 5, but very interested about the bars, what flavours do they have? and are they tasty? xxx


On a mission!
I've only had the peanut one and I had indigestion last night. It was very yummy though.
All the bars are great but make sure you only have one a day, after a while I can now make one last fur about 45 mins, especially the caramel.:)
I'm on week seven and I still fancy food but I'm not actually hungry. Are you really hungry or is it just the thought of eating that you're struggling with ?. All the bars that I've had are great and I look forward to them every day.


Will be slim!!!!!!!
martyn do you know all the flavours of the bars? as im very intrigued to what they have, and cant wait to start on them. iv been on for 5 days so do we have bars in our second week?
I started on the bars on week 2. I have tried caramel, malt toffee, peanut, cranberry and a sort of dark chocolate orange. These are all delicious. The first two are a sort of soft toffee consistency and the cranberry and peanut:) are like a chocolate covered muesli bar. I don't know why it works but they are covered in real chocolate, they are definitely worth waiting for.


Will be slim!!!!!!!
mmm alll sound delicious! do they taste real? silly question i know, but i did lighterlife 2 years ago and the bars were vile! xxx
I know it's down to personal taste but I think they're great. The cranberry one has a little bit of an artificial taste but that's all.


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I can't have bars cheekychops, they knock me out of ketosis! According to my CDC some people are carb sensitive and the bars apparently contain slightly more carbs than the packs.
Do you have any ketostiks to test yourself?

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