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Had a bad few days

Have been really poorly the last couple of days and yesterday I just didnt feel like cooking at all, so we ended up having a take out Pizza and then I had some cadburys chocolate fingers.

Why is it whenever you are ill, you crave the naughty stuff?

I still dont feel to good today, and thought if I confess now, I can hopefully prevent anymore mishaps and get myself back on track. I have been on plan so far today, so dont want to spoil it.
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Awww BMIC, you'll pull it back- I have every faith in you!! You are my guru!! We're all allowed little blips now and again, it's what you do to get back on track that matters!! Look at the grand scheme of things- a pizza and some choccie fingers is insignificant amongst all the yummy SW friendly stuff you eat!! Hope you're feeling better soon!!XXX


Alomst there :)
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I think everyone deserves a bit of a blow out after being poorly :( There is something really comforting about fat and sugar that just takes over isn't there!?

I find being ill so much harder these days since having kids.... Toddlers just don't seem to understand that mummy wants to crawl into a corner and sleep for hours and hours and hours!!

Well done for getting straight back on with it today though... one day off plan a bit is ok and probably won't cause too much damage but anything more than that and I think you're asking for trouble (IMO)! I don't think I could actually eat the rubbish I used to for long periods of time now... it just wouldn't seem right!!

Hope you feel better soon! x


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Hi Britmum, I agree with Heather! You can probably count syns for the pizza and you'll be surprised that it may not be too bad. Anyway one meal is not going to undo all your hard work so you can take solace in that. In the meantime if you feel up to it, cook lots of SW friendly comfort foods! Get well soon sweets ((((((((((hugs))))))))))


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Hi there
sorry you are feeling poorly. my advice to you would be concentrate on how many days you have kept to plan rather than how many you didn't It will put all this into perspective. Get better soon We need you !!!
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Ahh britmum.. big hugs to you sweetpea.. it sucks being ill huh? i took friday off work as id had some pathetic cold like thing that has attacked me from the inside ( fatigue, no body strength lol) rather than an overly snot bot fashion statment type of look.. i could barely get my head around getting out of bed let alone doing it physically.. and then looking and running around after kids all day, as much as i love them.

- just wanted to say what an inspriation you are, and youv totally got me back on track thanks to your amazing recipes, and have inspired me to have a little bit more faith in myself and the kitchen as a combo. Thank you.

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As above! Think of it this way - one teeny little pizza (;))and a few chocolate thingies aren't going to make you gain all the weight you've lost, all at once.
Sometimes life, for whatever reason, gets in the way of weight loss but the best thing to do is just move on from the food-related incident and look forward to all the lovely food you're going to cook when you feel better. And I hope that's soon.


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I agree with everyone!
I hope you feel a lot better soon.

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