Had a bad time last 3 weeks


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Hi every1
Just to let you know - I've had a really cwap time last fortnight. Came off programme due to emotional stress with a couple of personal crisis's!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
Anyway top & bottom is I went to see my LL Counsellor Sun morning who was completely supportive, infact seeing her was brilliant she understood exactly what had happened to me & why etc etc - I won't go into it but the outcome was on Mon I re-started & feel fantastic already!:D :D :D :D
I've had no PC at home - so in my hour of need couldn't even log on for support. :mad:
Anyway I am now attending a new class, with a small group & can't wait to meet them all Wed :) xxxx
good for you, great to see you re-started and feeling soooooooo positive!!!


Gen xx
You're in good company - there's a few of us who have not done well recently and the last few weeks especially ..... well done for seeing your counsellor and starting again!
Wish I'd been able to talk about it at the time - still I've drawn a firm line & moved on!
Thanks xxx
All the best from a fellow re-starter.

'We stopped on our way to admire the view: it was rubbish ... so we've now packed away the picnic blanket and are carrying on with our journey!' :)