Had a bit of a blip today !!! Help


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Have been 100 % this week, doing really well, been to the gym and even with managing to get loads of water down.

Went to a friends this afternoon and chatting away and she asked did i have anything planned for dinner for me and dauhter, to which i replied i'm going to do some pasta (for DD of course). Before i knew it she had dished up our dinner, pizza and salad, what could i do so but eat it to be polite. She doesn't know i am on CD.

I now feel like crap and was ready to throw in the towel but DH said it might not knock me out of ketosis for long.

Help and advice from you guys please
Hi Dawn,we all have blips all the time,dont give up.
Only you will know if u r out of ketosis or not by either checking with a ketostix or if u wake up in the morning and u feel hungry and dont have the nasty ketosis taste in your mouth.

You are doing so well just carry on with your packs in the morning and drink loads of water,u dont want to throw the towel in think about all your hard work these 4 weeks.

Just pick yourself up,dust yourself down and carry on and just keep your eyes on your prize,your goal weight which is just around the corner.
Sending u (((((big hugs)))) take care xxx
Oh I really feel for you, what a horrid position to be in, especially when she had cooked the pizza too.

I think if you get straight back to it you will feel better than beating yourself up about it.

Put your thoughts about it in a box, put the lid on it and lock it away, there are always going to be times when we are faced with dilemas and this was the one that you couldnt help.

Please dont throw in the towel, think about the stone you have already lost and what you want to achieve.

You can do it, and because your body is used to ketosis it wont take long to get back in, you havent flooded yourself with potatoes and pasta, youve had a bit of Pizza and some salad.

Ignore the chatterbox saying throw in the towel and bring out the one that says, life has hurdles and sometimes the odd brick wall, we learn to climb over them and are much stronger people to be able to do this.

I have sent you a PM too because if you want a rant in private then I'm all ears.

It doesn't matter if you are out of ketosis or not, what's done is done. You can't turn back the clock so just draw a line under it and carry on. Don't you dare throw in the towel, any damage will be very minimal so looking at the bigger picture it won't affect your over all weight loss.

You've done so well, you're right it's just a blip; don't dwell on it.
Hi there, there is a whole section on LL dedicated to these situations - it is called crooked thinking - because you had one slip it doesn't mean that you have to throw in the towel. You need to contain that slip, put a bracket around it and move on. Don't dwell on it, it is history and it DOES NOT need to be the end of the road for you.

I ate last weekend (and the weekend before) - last weekend I ate some lasagna - I stayed the same and it did knock me out of ketosis but I slipped back in after an uncomfortable day or two and I stayed strong through the hunger.

If I can get back on track so can you, you just have to realise that it was a blip but ony a blip, not the end of your journey.
No thanks all for advice onwards and upwards, just wish i was to blame for the blip then i would be able to get over it.
It just went from bad to worse DH just asked for cheese on toast with brown sauce my favourite !!!!!

Hurry up tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
(((Hugs))), I hate being in situations like that where you just have to eat to be polite. Don't worry, it will only knock you out of ketosis for a day or two..I don't think your glycogen stores will fill up with just one slice of pizza! Just forget about the blip and carry on :)
Thank you all and i am back on it today, as i knew i would. still a bit annoyed about yesterday but not giving up.

Big thanks for all your kind words

Although this has happened and you have eaten you must still have your three packs otherwise you run the risk of eating again tomorrow as your body may crave.

Even if you have your last pack as a bedtime drink you must have this.

thanks thats why i've been sooooo hungry today.

I thought it would be better to skip a pack.

Won't make that mistake again
Well done for getting back on the wagon and not letting this bit of a blip stop you.

I agree with everything that's been said by everyone else. I'd only like to add that it might be an idea to have a 'contingency' plan for if you find yourself in that situation again. Perhaps something like, sorry but you can't eat the pizza/sandwich/whatever because you've planned a special dinner for yourself and hubby later and don't want to spoil your appetite. I'm sure you can think of some good inventive 'stories' to keep in store 'just in case'.

The world and his wife knows I'm on CD so I don't have that problem. For those who are keeping it a secret, it must be awkward so planning for unexpected hurdles will keep you firmly in control.

Well done for not throwing in the towel: you've come too far to let one blip trip you up! :)
not really secret but don't like the negative comments people give like 'you'll make yourself ill' or ''be careful'

Got two bbqs next w/end, my mum suggested i line my handbag with a carrier bag and if i need to dispose of food in there. Nice thought mum but suppose they have a dog it would bug me all day !!!!

Feeling really good at moment, now weight starting to shift i am starting to sort things out indoors, like decorationg daughters bedroom.

WOW thats all i have to say about vlcd