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Had an accident last night


finding my way again !
Fell head first into a box of chocolate biscuits :break_diet:
strange thing is i still feel very motivated & determined, but its the week b4 TOTM & i get nibbly then, i fought it all day yesterday but when i got to work some inconsiderate patient had bought a box of Fox's biscuits as a thank you, i mean how very dare they :eek:
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Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi Cheryl

Your still motivated that's the main thing

Onwards & upwards as the saying goes

Things can only get better good Luck
Bliddy Nora - the thread title nearly gave me a cardiac!

The nibbles is one of those normal (but annoying) factors for many people the week before TOTM. I happened to choose that week to start SSing (I didn't realise - my cycles are all out of whack) so it made things that much tougher.

Realising what is driving these urges is half the battle - you can then forgive yourself little slips and being aware is what stops those slips becoming binges.
You're doing great!
I know exactly where you're coming from.I could eat 10000 points a day the week b4 totm!!
So i am dreading next week, might have to get my jaw wired!!LOL


is gonna shine in 2009
i'm the same hun xxx
I think i ate 40 choc chip cookies last week after a nightshiftxx
I'd like to congratulate you on showing such restraint! :p
once i start i cant stop
I hear ya ...
TOTM + choc chip cookies + a cuppa = recipe for a munch fest :rolleyes:

Been there, done that, now wearing the (XXL) T-shirt :sigh:
Oh yum, Fox's biscuits - they are possibly the best biscuits on the planet, so I'm not sure many of us could have resisted, lol.

It's done now, forget it and get on with the rest of the week ;)
ooh dear!!

Why is it that the tasty good stuff is so bad for you?! :(

Why can't they make biscuits that taste horrible and put you off for life so that we don't go munching them!


finding my way again !
determined to stay on track 2day, hopefully got it outta my system now, just hope they've all gone tonite when i get to woek, they should have, the day staff are gannetts. Most of them are skinny Phillipino's too, makes you sooo sick :sigh:
Fell head first into a box of chocolate biscuits :break_diet:

:rotflmao: - that's classic........... happens to me all the time.:rolleyes:


finding my way again !
there's still some chockie bickies left, but they are going nowhere near my mouth, not tempted at all (wipes brow in relief) Sticking to the stuff i bought in with me

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