Had my 1st meal last night

Jelly belly

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My CDC has said that instead of doing AAM week we can have a meal a week instead.

Anyway after 3 weeks on CD I had my 1st meal last night, chicken and salad. :)

Although it was nice it wasn't as nice as i expected it to be, if you know what i mean?

I had been looking forward to it but after eating it realised that I would rather not have bothered.

Is this normal or is it just me?
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Carpe diem
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I think it may be one of those issues where 'forbidden fruits' suddenly become extra appealing but when you try them, they're a big disappointment.

It was like when I was a young teenager and had to be in by 9pm: I longed to be allowed out later than that ... goodness knows what I thought happened once I was indoors - maybe I imagined the world came alive in one huge party the minute I stepped though my front door and I was missing out. Anyway, one night I stayed at my friend's house (her dad was away and her older sister who was looking after her was out) and we sneaked out at 10pm.
What a disappointment! The town was even more boring than it was at 9!!

Anyway - back to food. My friend SS'd for several months and then took a planned break for a holiday. She said that she anticipated her first meal with excited fervour but it wasn't the orgasmic experience she was expecting: in fact she was quite deflated and described the meal as 'OK'.

I cling to that thought: it helps me with the idea that I'm not missing out on all that much whilst I'm SSing :)


Gone fishing
Although it was nice it wasn't as nice as i expected it to be, if you know what i mean?

Rarely is. Just need to remember that when tempted to stray :D