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Had My 20 week scan and it's a .......


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lovely baby GIRL!:D:D:D

I must admit I was a bit surprised because I felt so different this time I thought it must be a boy, even my family thought so because i'm carrying different. My 3 yr old daughter was shouting in the car I want a boy!!! Might have some trouble there!!!lol

But we are extremely happy! She is healthy and looking a good size, she's 2 cm longer than my first daughter at this stage! She might be a pudding! haha She was holding her knee and could see her fingers so clearly it was amazing.

I love her already.
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Congratulations, glad all is well;)


Must do it this time
Thats fantastic news hun,a big congrats to you.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Huge congratulations! as mum of 3 girls myself they are all wonderful and all individual! :)


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Thank you everyone!

Thanks purple hugs, I think that is what is worrying my husband, as our daughter his daddy's girl how will he possible love another girl as much? But I told him she will be totally different and you will love her just as much for her.

It can be quite scary though with a second child : )

sukie sue

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congratulation !!! i had the opposite with my daughter , she was desolate when i told her shes getting a brother :0) she so over it now though keeps shouting in my belly LOVE YOU ALEX !!lol kids he !


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Sukie I know what you mean! She is fine now and come in and kisses my belly in the morning and says good morning baby sister! very sweet!

Congratulations amyeve! we will save a fortune on baby clothes!!!
Aww congratulations!! I too am having another girl! cant wait to get all the lovely pink baby clothes out and have a rummage!! xx


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It is handy having the same sex, save myself a small fortune!!!
Spent the weekend re-arranging our daughters room, our room, the baby's room which was full of storage! Took things down from the loft put a hell of a lot more back up!!! My daughter hardly used her pram and at the time my mother in law bought it for us and it cost £650! It came with matching car seat, the basket and the normal pram part, so I have been taking it apart and washing it all. I have bedding to but I think I will buy some new covers. I will def buy new mattress and mattress for swing crib.

What are you that have babies re-using and buying new? I sometimes feel a bit guilty that my first child had all brand new and this one isnt?


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I'm not a mum (one day :D) but I wouldn't feel guilty about re-using things for your 2nd child as they won't know, and you can put the small fortune you will save away to treat the children to something special when they a bit older maybe.
Ooooh no don't feel guilty some things have so little wear it would be criminal not to use them again;) I am having to start from scratch as this my 5 th baby was def not planned, I would have had a new pram anyway as my last was a double and I am seriously addicted to prams but whatever any family members have no need of anymore I am happy to receive:D


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Thats a lovely idea ali x :)

I know I shouldn't feel guilty, because like you said bajoleth it has had so little wear....Looking at the pram it hasn't a scratch on it, because my daughter was walking by 7 months and just didn't want to go in it anymore. It would be criminal to buy new! :eek:
I might vanish or paint the cot...not sure yet tho. Just feel like I have to do something!:D


Mummy of 2!
i know what you mean. Eve's cot is really scuffed where she had a good chew on the bits that didnt have teething guards on.

i really cant afford to buy another, so baby will just have to put up with it! she'll never know anyway. I will be reusing my bugaboo as there is nothing wrong with it!! im going to buy a 2nd hand crib and use in my bedroom and reuse Eve's moses basket and keep that downstairs. have kept all clothes too which i'll be reusing..

will be buying new matresses though, just so nice and fresh. have also bought a new carseat but only because i sold the old one with the pram it matched.

im thinking about selling a few things to replace with new ones...like a new bouncy chair etc
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, congratulations! Well chuffed for you! My sister had a girl a few months ago, she didn't want to know the sex and we were all convinced she was going to have a boy - it's her first child but it just seemed that way to everyone, literally everyone! - but my niece was the best surprise ever, just makes me teary thinking about it... :eek: Congratulations again honey, be happy always xxx
Once we've told people next month I'm waiting to see what I can borrow off my brother and close friends to save us money so even our first won't have everything new! Anything that can save a few pence. As ali said, the baby won't know and I'm sure they'd appreciate you having more money later down the line for them ;)

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