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hair extensions???


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hi guys, well im ssing through xmas guess everyone is busy filling stockings etc so its quiet here.:(

since starting 3 wks ago my hair has gone real limp and greasy.... has anyone else had this problem or is it just me,:p i mean i have fine hair anyway to begin with as i had major hair loss when i moved to london from up north, must have been the change in water and stress combined

anyway i want long lush hair so thinking of hair extensions, has anyone had them done what do you think, im thinking of the clip in ones, are they easy to maintain and what brand have you girls found the best?

(thought id talk about something other than hunger and food):rolleyes:
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Real ones look good if done by 'good' people lol

They can cost £500 for the initial sitting then around £90 every 6 weeks after

You can also as you've said get clips in :) alot cheaper but can be fiddly to get right

Ive gone for a very short look now as just cannot be arrrrsed with the upkeep anymore!!

Good luck! x
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I've just been to the hairdressers for a trim and while I was there I bought a set of clip in hair extensions. My hairdresser colour matched them to my natural(ish!) hair, showed me how to fit them and trimmed them to a length that didn't look like I was auditioning to play Rapunzel! They cost £45 (plus the normal cost for the cut/blow dry I was having already) and I'm really pleased with them. They seem quite easy to fix in and they look great. It does feel a bit odd having "flicky" hair at the moment though but guess I'll get used to it!
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I had some bonded ones in for the last 3 months as I had a bad experience with a hairdresser that left my hair very short!!
They have done the job for me, and my hair is now a reasonable length but it was very expensive, (£400+ to have them put in, and £30+ to have them taken out) and theres no way I could have done it long term, money wise and also just the fact you can't wash/brush your hair properly etc...

I know people who have had the clip in ones and get on well with them, but I think they are mostly used for special occasions rather than every day use as it would take so much time to get them in, and I don't think your supposed to sleep with them in?!

Good luck with whatever you decide,
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i used clip in ones all the time for about 2 years, they are fine but not great for eveyday use, can get fiddly, need to be taken out everynight, my hair in fine so clips slipped about alot, and also probably because of my fine hair sometimes they could come uncovered and poke through. Also silly little things like if the wind blows your hair- you can see them! Same as you guys i had shorter hair and hated it so ok i suppose while i grew it out, if your going to get them i would get professional ones, but do research so you know you will get a good result...


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What about a fall (an add-on sort of half wig). Rather than individual fussy bits, they are one larger add on. The newer styles have a backcomb effect anyway. I am making a horizonal part about 2/3s back on head and doing a little tease to add height in the back -- it looks like I am wearing a 1960s hair fall, as it is now back in style.

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hey thanks for your advice, bit worried about the clips falling out now as my hair is so fine i can never wear clips slides etc as they are always falling out :( maybe il just get some for when i go out rather than permanent ones as they are too pricey for me! £400 on hair is something i cant see myself paying!!!
il let u all know in the new year when ive saved some pennies x

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