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hair loss after Lipotrim


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thought i would start my own thread on this as I brought it up in Ollie's thread - and didn't want to hijack the topic...LOL

has anyone else noticed significant hair loss after LT? I came off LT in march after getting to a stone above my target weight. I felt run down all the time and knew it was the right time to quit. I had gotten 2stone 10lbs off - and was pleased with that.

However since i stopped my hair has been shedding. And quite badly. I knew there was a chance of hair loss but this is bad. I have so far lost a third of my hair. My hair was fine to begin with but now its rats tails :-s

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and knows when it will stop?! I am really upset and to be honest its really damaged my confidence.
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OMG....NO!! I'm gutted that you have lost so much, I'm on day 6 of maintenance and not noticed anything as yet, but my hair is very fine too and I'm really scared...not that I would have changed anything about going on LT as it has been truly the very best diet and has changed my eating habits for the good, and hopefully forever.


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O - OHHH!!

Mine's very fine too - I can't afford to lose any! Only on day 2 of refeeding though so can't judge yet. I HAVE heard that it's only temporary and comes back better than before so fingers crossed! Be sure to let us know how it goes. xx


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i experienced this while on tfr - became even thinner - but its short and fine so havent noticed too much and has become better since refeed. How long is your hair P.A? perhaps you notice it more when its longer?
I know that when I had shoulder length blonde hair from the back of me it looked like I had been cuddling up to a golden retreiver most of the time, I would shed so much and that was on a 'normal' diet!!! Hope it gets better soon - have you consulted your doc btw?? x


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I haven't experienced any hair loss so far. I have been refeeding for three weeks so hopefully I wont have it. However, I have bought some hair, nails and skin formula vitamins from Holland and Barrett, and started taking them tonight just in case. Don't know if they work or not but the amount of vitamins listed on the side is unbelievable! Could be worth a try. I also saw a supplement for hair loss advertised on tv last night but sorry, cant remember the name for the life of me! I know it began with a N! No help whatsoever I know! Could try googling some things? I'm sorry this is happening hun. Try giving LT a ring and see if they can suggest anything. I am sure it will return to normal soon though xx
DONT PANIC!!!! shreding hair is a good sign HONEST whilst on LT your hair stops producing new hair because your body only has enough cals to survive but when you start eating again your hair starts to grow new hair again. The only way you know if new hair is coming is when old hair falls out. I hope I am making this clear for you because I know it is worrying but whilst on LT your hair will stop falling out but when you eat healthy it will start to fall out as it is reproducing new hair (it is normal for people to loose hair everyday and when you have been on an extrem diet like LT and then eat again your hair starts to make up for hair that has not grown new so should thicken up soon)
Please ring a hairdresser if you are still concerned or if I ve not explained this very well but it is true honest!!!!


S: 14st5lb C: 10st11lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st8lb(24.88%)
Its Nourkorin....something like that! It cost me £300.00 a few years ago for 6 months of pills....couldn't see hardly any difference at all!!!!
try not to worry girls i did cd last year lost 4 stone hair fell out after stopping the good news is when you notice it falling is actually the time new hair ia groing youll see baby tuffs in a week or so , think of the weight you have lost dont let the hair thing spoil it its growing back as you speak xxx


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S: 14st7lb C: 13st7lb Loss: 1st0lb(6.9%)
i am ok with it growing back etc - but its quite bad - i have dark hair and a white scalp so the fact its very thin - worse than before is very obvious :-s

Never mind - my mates have advised me to use hair extensions for the special occasions in the summer and hopefully it will calm down soon.

I have been in touch with the doctor and going for a blood test this week :)

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