Hair loss- do I need to worry?


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I will be skinny again!!!
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we had a discussion about this, and i spoke to my pharmasist,
It doesnt happen to most people, the pharmasist said for me not to worry about unless it happens.
and that it will grow back x


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I lost a LOT when I came off TFR. It seems that while on TFR your new hair stops growing, then when you start eating again new hair starts to grow and pushes the old hair out. So its really the old hair falling out while the new hair grows. For me it lasted a couple of months, although I have a good head of hair it was not noticeable and it does stop. If you have thin hair I would imagine its very noticeable given the amount you can lose. Hope this helps xx


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Hi matronix
Since I went on a refeed at xmas. I seem to be losing a lot of hair. Im shedding loads but it all helps on weighing lighter. LOL. Seriously though Im not to bothered as I have a thick head of hair and on reading threads here its not a long term problem so dont worry.