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Hair Loss - not a problem! Quite the reverse on CD for me!

Well, as much as I hate photos of me :rolleyes: I've decided to be brave (eeek!) and post this one of me... to share with anyone who worries about the tales of hairloss that accompanies CD, and to reassure you that it will all be ok :D

I've been eating low calorie for a few months now, and doing CD for the last 2/3 weeks... and all this time my hair has been coming out - sometimes a lot - and I've been trying not to worry too much over this...

Now I know this is a topic which when raised on CD causes instant panic stations amongst the newbies or amongst people not aware about this side of the diet, but wanted to share this piccie to show that even tho hair might fall out and strands appear by the brushload, it can be good and beneficial for you too!

I had my hair cut like this today and everyone - even my hairdresser - has commented on how shiny, healthy, thick, full of life, my hair looks these days! Feels good too :D

I for one believe the nourishing H20 I'm drinking by the litres and the loss of old dead hair on CD has enabled fresh, vibrant living hair to come through much quicker than would otherwise occur...

So instead of saying 'oh no' to stories of woe and hair loss, say 'c'mon Cambridge, bring on my new shiny hair!' :D:D:D

ps major step forward for the new me is this :D never to be ashamed of how I look or photos etc at any size! tis my choice to become this size, so if I don't like the photos then stick with this diet and get my ass into gear doing something about it! ;):D:D
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Cool, thanks for sharing. Like the "Do" too, suits you! Vx
Love you new hair do - Hair loss not a problem i suffer with but i know that loads of people get worried, nice of you to share your experience :thankyou:
I was just thinking about hair loss this morning and mine is quite the opposite too my hair is growing and glowing along with my skin and nails xxx
along with my skin and nails xxx
mine too :D

I like to think of it as nature and Cd's way of a little reward for doing this diet and making sure we come out the other end even lovelier, with our glowing skin, perfect nails and shiny hair all to compliment our luscious new bods!! :D:D:D

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Lovely thread, Tinkerbelle, thank you! I'm fascinated to know why hair can suffer, but nails and skin improve dramatically - even after all my years of research, I haven't found the answer - yet.

And you look lovely!

PS: Until 3-4 years ago, I had no clients at all who reported significant hair loss. Since then, most have been hairdressers..... :eek:
defo tinkerbell and well deserved too!

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